Whale Animal Medicine

Master Whale Medicine to Trust.

Drawing a Whale is always an honor and a blessing and a request from the Universe to trust it's plan for you. Whales are ancient creatures who carry the entire history of the earth (The Akashic records) inside them, as well as the wisdom of all life's experiences. They know that after the flood comes dry land. They know that after the fire comes the spring bloom unlike any other. They know that hard times don't last forever and that a sacred glory is revealed during and after our trials and tribulations.

Whale medicine invites you to allow your stress about the future, your worry about the past, your need to control and manipulate the present, to fall away.

It reminds you that in the midst of whatever crisis you may be living through, this is the middle of your story and not the end. There is a plan.

And that there is a special, sacred, and peaceful place inside uncertainty—a place from which all things are possible, all things are created. And when we allow ourselves to be truly present with our lives, we can find the strength it requires to trust there is a plan and to find the resilience we need to continue our trek forward.

Whale Medicine is here to anchor in the remembrance and wisdom that your primary reality is not this material world, but the realm of the spirit. You are on a spiritual journey my friend and you must trust that whatever happens, it is for your highest good.

Now this doesn't eliminate you from choice and freewill. You are co-creating here, and you are empowered to influence the direction your life takes. But know there is a bigger vision, one you cannot always see or feel, but it's at work. Trust the wisdom of the Universe, Whale says. You will soon find your way.

The following are gemstones that will support you with fully embracing and experiencing Whale Medicine.

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  • Whales are special to me, and I needed to read this today. Thank you💙


    Julie Power on

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