Black Spinel: The ReCharger

How can Black Spinel help you?


Black Spinel repels negativity and acts as a grounding agent, while infusing inspiration and empowerment.


Black Spinel acts as a protector for your spirit from negative energies.

What Is the Chakra for Black Spinel?

When you place a gemstone directly on a chakra it will amplify its healing results.

Black Spinel is most effective for the Root Chakra-engaging and literally rooting personal power.

What Zodiac sign goes with Black Spinel?

Black Spinel + Taurus = Match

Black Spinel amplifies a sense of calm and grounding for Taurus.

Black Spinel + Gemini = Healing

Because Geminis tend to be indecisive and flighty, Black Spinel helps to ground them and help them feel a sense of their own power.

Where is Black Spinel mined?

Cambodia, Burma, Sri Lanka

How can Black Spinel be used in my home or office?

Black Spinel is best used in a mediation room or any room where the activity is unfocused and needs to be grounded, such as a place where kids study. Also, it’s a wonderful stone to have by the threshold of any door leading into a house, as it repels all negativity and won’t let it enter the house.

What is a situation that I may want to have Black Spinel?

Black Spinel works really well to get rid of anger and resentment and encourages more effective ways of communicating. Great for a boardroom where tensions are high, couples therapy, political conversations, family dinners–any place where grace and diplomacy is needed.

What is a good mantra to use with Black Spinel?

“I am cleared of negativity and open for the expansion of my soul. ”

Black Spinel FUN FACT

Black Spinel, called the Prince’s Black Ruby and weighing in at 170 carats, was worn in the battle helmet of King Henry the 5th during the battle of Azincourt in 1415.


**Gemstone descriptions are provided for information only. These descriptions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

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