Crystals for Abundance & Prosperity

"Abundance is not something we acquire, it's something we tune into."

- Dr. Wayne Dyer

We've all been told to save for the future—for a house or a rainy day or retirement. Diversify, they say, and invest in 401Ks, IRAs, 529 plans, buy Tesla or Apple stock or Bitcoin. We've been told to consider NOT buying that expensive cup of coffee, but instead join a coupon club, follow penny pinching blogs, and financial hacks that can help you save money....

Chances are though... you haven't been told how to make yourself more energetically aligned with wealth, abundance, and prosperity. You can think about money all you want, but do you know how to feel about money so that it comes to you with less effort, obstacles, and stress?

Did you know certain crystals vibrate with the energy of abundance and can actually help to attune you to the same frequency?

Let's step outside our typical financial box and really diversify your investments—in crystals—and see what kind of return they can bring!

For centuries people have been successfully manifesting wealth, prosperity, and abundance with crystals that help them recognize and accept opportunities with confidence. If you are able to approach your finances with positivity, you'll find yourself in the flow, and abundance is sure to follow.

No matter the path you want to take or your goal (new career, more savings, general abundance), if you combine your Intentions with the incredible energetic force of these crystals, add in some gratitude for all that you already have, you'll arrive at your destination in no time.



Orange Aventurine is a stone of possibility, abundance and (you guessed it!) prosperity. This is a great crystal to have or wear that brings luck to you. It's also a stone of opportunity that can open new doors or help you think outside the box when it comes to financial matters. You can use Orange Aventurine to remind you to stay open to new opportunities, ideas, and chances to be lucky.


Carnelian for Abundance

Carnelian is a happy, vibrant, electric stone that infuses the wearer or holder with a wave of positivity and power. Carnelian is like the Sun—giving off heat and vibes and forward momentum. It is considered The Stone of Abundance because of its amazing, motivating, and life affirming power. With Carnelian at your side there is nothing holding you back.


Citrine for Manifestation

Sticking with our citrus colors, Citrine too, ranks high on the abundance chart. Its ability to clear a room or a body or a thought process...(hello, limited thinking) is second to none. Citrine works through a vital energetic field that engages and revs up your financial engine. It puts you square on your path, after clearing away negativity, and assists in helping you find the clarity you need to set positive Intentions and manifest the heck out of them!


Tiger Eye for Empowerment

Tiger Eye has great big cat medicine inside it. It will help you feel confident and empowered, dream huge AND stay grounded in what is real and what needs to be taken care of before you fly off to the stars. It's a great crystal to focus on when you have financial decisions to make or a career change ahead. It will lock in that dynamic version of yourself so that you can make the money moves you need to make.


Tourmaline for Happiness

These beautiful stones—especially the pink, blue, yellow, and gold colored one—act as a conduit for happiness. When one is connected with the kind of light that Tourmaline brings, one is connected to all the things that generate happiness. If your happiness comes from knowing there is money in the bank, this stone will serve you well. It vibrates with a warmth and positivity that cannot be matched. Use it to connect deeply to your inner joy, optimism, and knowing that all is well.


Blue Lace Agate for Confidence

Blue Lace Agate instills a sense of confidence that is almost unbreakable. And it encourages unwavering intent. This means that as you clear the way for abundance and prosperity, while there may be bumps in the road, you will not be deterred. It helps you to recognize all that is wonderful and skillful about yourself, to celebrate that, and use it towards reaching your financial goals.


Amethyst for Healing

While Amethyst is usually associated with deep healing, it can also be used to help you gain alignment with your spirit, flushing out negativity (in all spiritual realms—maybe even your belief in lack and limitation), and positioning you in a place of calm serenity from which you can create, manifest all the abundance, wealth, and prosperity you want. It takes the desperation out of any financial situation, which is necessary to align with wealth.


Rose Quartz for Love

Something you may not have considered is how a lovely stone like Rose Quartz, known to inspire and invite unconditional love, could be used for prosperity. Let's put it this way, while money is nice and very necessary, Rose Quartz reminds you that all you really need to feel abundant and prosperous, what matters most, is love. How full is your heart? And ironically when your heart is full, your bank account tends to follow. Just sayin'...




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