Crystals for Travel

For many, traveling is a time of great stress and anxiety—whether it's the flight schedules, language barrier, having kids in tow, you name it... it's a lot! To ease your mind and soothe your spirit we've curated a collection of the best crystals to help you during all your travels.

No matter your crystal choice, know that leaning into its vibrations will help keep you safe, calm, ready for anything, and in a great place to show up, be present, and enjoy your trip.

6 crystals to help your travel be calm, protected, and fun!


Amethyst is of course considered one of the master healers for its incredible capacity to help you stay calm, maintain your alignment, and in general lighten your load. But, did you know it's also known as the Traveler's Stone? The same energetic properties that can work wonders on your mind, body, and soul also apply to travel days! Amethyst will act as a cushion between you and the stress of the world—helping you stay in alignment with your higher self (more grace please!) and blanketing your nervous system with peace no matter what happens.


Black Tourmaline will help to literally protect your space, your body, and your aura from incoming negativity. It not only acts as a barrier to negativity, it removes it by pulling out and transforming the energetics into light and air. You can wear Black Tourmaline for any situation that has the potential to be high stress (hello holidays and traveling) and trust that it will have your back... side and front!


Tiger Eye empowers and activates those tingly little insights that help you see a little clearer. This helps in decision making and discernment, which is critical for travel days. It has the power to focus the mind, promote mental clarity, and assist us to resolve problems objectively and unclouded by emotions. Hello?! Just what we need when the GPS is telling us one way but we think we know a quicker way 😜! Tiger Eye also stabilizes mood swings, imbues us with willpower, purpose, courage and self-confidence, and releases tension. So bring on the 3 hour delay! You've got this!


An oldy but a goody, Howlite is there for you whenever you feel like crawling into a bed and putting the covers over your head and not coming out for a week. She's calming and soothing just like a bowl of chicken noodle soup or a batch of homemade cookies. Steady and strong, there when you need it most.


Unakite helps to balance erratic emotions and grounds your physical body and nervous system so you can maintain a calm outlook. Wear or carry a piece of Unakite as you travel and lean into its "quantum leaping effect," which helps you to feel the feelings you'll have once you arrive, before you've even started your travel.


Shungite can help with all the electromagnetic smog that we experience while traveling through an airport. Shungite, a 2 billion year old healing mineral from Russia, contains fullerenes, which are super powerful antioxidants. This literally acts as a radiation filter—helping to protect you from electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones, computers, televisions, and everyone's favorite airport x-ray machines.


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