Sunstone: The Freedom Stone

How can Sunstone help you?


Sunstone helps to facilitate independence and originality. It also helps to activate self-worth and confidence.


Sunstone clears and energizes the chakras and opens the line for deeper intuition.

What Is the Chakra for Sunstone?

When you place a gemstone directly on a chakra it will amplify its healing results.

While Sunstone acts as a cleanser and clearer of all the chakras it’s especially powerful for the sacral chakra–enhancing the forces of creativity, sexuality, and leadership.

What Zodiac sign goes with Sunstone?

Sunstone + Leo = Match

Sunstone amplifies Leo’s independence and self confidence.

Sunstone + Libra = Healing

Because Libran’s tend to be doubters and seem to constantly question their self-worth, Sunstone acts as a beautiful channel for those energies to come into a Libran’s life.

Where is Sunstone mined?

Oregon, Australia, Canada, China, Congo, India, and Mexico.

How can Sunstone be used in my home or office?

Sunstone can be placed with a white candle to spread positive energies in your home or office.

What is a situation that I may want to have Sunstone?

Sunstone is the perfect companion for meditation - as it cleanses your chakras, it dispels negativity and creates a protective barrier around you. It also helps to open your spirit to the divine.

What is a good mantra to use with Sunstone?

“I am energized, independent, and whole. ”

Sunstone FUN FACT

Some people use Sunstone to help rid themselves of SAD (seasonal affective disorder). People wear the Sunstone around their necks or in a ring, and it’s said that its strong solar energy is actually as effective as light therapy.


**Gemstone descriptions are provided for information only. These descriptions are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

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