The Ultimate Guide To Gemstone Colors & Meaning

Just like certain things we love evoke a certain feeling—like the sound of a child's laughter, the taste of chocolate, or the smell of a certain perfume or freshly cut grass—so do certain colors. Colors can evoke feelings in us that make us smile, make us feel nostalgic, or gratitude for simply being alive and living in the moment. We feel this with art too, being drawn to a certain piece because of the colors and the way it makes us feel. Our hearts get involved. It's not just seeing, it's feeling.

The colors of gemstones can work in the same way. Just like watching a sunset or looking at a beautiful garden, you can be drawn to gemstones that give you a feeling. And these gemstones are most often related to the healing properties that your mind, body or spirit need most.


Yes, of course there are gemstones that are simply pretty to look at, but what you should focus on when choosing a stone based on color is how it makes you feel. If you feel a stirring inside you, or a quick little anticipatory spark, or even the plucking of a distant memory when you look at a gemstone, it's worth noting. Ask yourself, "Am I moved by this? Why?"

Before choosing a stone by color, it's helpful to "prime" yourself by taking a moment, breathing deeply several times, and focusing your mind, heart, or spirit on a issue or challenge you are working through. It could be a relationship, a career path, your health, or anything you would like support from the Universe. Touching center with yourself before choosing a gemstone is also recommended.

To assist you with choosing a stone by color, we've developed this great tool! Prior to starting, be sure to take a minute to center yourself and focus. 

Once you have intuitively chosen your color based on feeling alone, click that color to see the associated gemstones and the healing properties or meanings associated with each stone. What's fascinating is they are often be spot on!




In addition to how a gemstone color makes you feel, it also relates to areas of your body, also known as Chakras, which may need clearing. Chakras are spinning vortexes of nerves, organs, and an energy—not seen by the human eye—but which can be seen, felt, and sensed through our intuition. The vibration of a particular color associated with certain gemstones are thought to help realign or unblock an out of whack Chakra.

To learn about what colors relate to each Chakra and corresponding supportive gemstones check out this resource we created. Similarly to selecting by color, often the one you are drawn to is associated with an area of your body you most need cleared.


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