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OpenDoors of Asheville

OPENING DOORS in our community

We are honored to renew our partnership with OpenDoors of Asheville for 2021—for a third year in a row. A portion of each sale goes to help this amazing, grassroots organization. 

Despite the setbacks from the COVID-19 pandemic, Executive Director Jenn Ramming said, "We made a commitment to these kids to get them into and through college–no matter what–and that's what we intend to do."

2020 Initiatives

Pandemic donation drive

Soon after the pandemic started, from April to June we asked for you help—and you crushed it! Through your generous contributions you raised $5,695!

With these funds you helped provide:

- 550 meals
- 515 basic toiletry items
- 65 weeks of phone/internet service
- 16 tanks of gas
- 7 summer essential packs (including swimsuits, towels, water bottles, water shoes, clean sheets, etc)


In August a local high school junior, Connor Mailander, ran a century run (100 miles in 40 hours) with the goal of raising funds for OpenDoor in sponsorship donations. You came out for this too! And while we don't know the exact amount that SoulKu customers contributed to the overall donation total, Connor raised over $90K for OpenDoors!

Harmony Bracelet Sales

Throughout the year we continued to sell our Harmony bracelet, a bracelet inspired by a former OpenDoors student named Harmony who was killed in a senseless act of domestic violence. Designed by her closest friends, SoulKu gives 100% of the proceeds to OpenDoors. This year Harmony bracelet sales resulted in $9,331 for OpenDoors.


Drivers Ed Program

This year we also worked with OpenDoors to coordinate free Driver's Ed classes with our local driver's education organization, WRESAWRESA generously donates scholarships to any OpenDoors student who wants to learn to drive. Online classes will be starting soon. Having a driver's license is a life changer for these students, and we are so grateful to WRESA for their help!

2020 Giving Tuesday

On Giving Tuesday we reached out to you again asking for you to donate to OpenDoors in several  different categories. You donated over $800.

With these funds you helped provide:

- 126 Healthy Lunches
- 18 Earbuds & Face Masks
- 17 School Transportations
- 7 Financial Literacy Training Sessions
- 3 Executive Functioning Training Sessions

SoulKu Shopping Day

On December 17th, SoulKu hosted some of the OpenDoors students for a special (and safe) holiday shopping experience. Each student received $100 worth of product to give as gifts to their family and friends.

SoulKu's 2020 Donation

SoulKu donated an additional $50,000 to OpenDoors as a percentage of our 2020 profits.

Thank you for supporting our small business and allowing us to help support this incredible local nonprofit that we believe in with all our hearts. You are amazing!