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    We are HONORED to renew our partnership with OpenDoors of Asheville for 2020. A percentage of each sale goes to help this amazing local, grassroots organization. 

    For many of us the current COVID-19 situation is temporary, but for underprivileged families this reality is a challenge they face almost daily. And the impact of this crisis can very easily thwart any future dreams and plans that have been so carefully laid in place.  

    Executive Director Jenn Ramming said, "We made a commitment to these kids to get them into and through college–no matter what–and that's what we intend to do."

    What does OpenDoors of Asheville do?

    OpenDoors of Asheville connects local children living in multi-generational poverty with an active, individualized network of support and Opportunities for education and enrichment. Their missions is to "break the cycle of poverty through education, one child at a time."

    They value education and believe that "when students are appropriately resourced, inspired and respected, they become active, engaged, lifelong learners who are college and/or career ready.  Students from poverty can focus on their academic pursuits and overcome challenges, with success, if they have year-round academic support and equitable opportunities."

    They value enrichment and believe that "opportunities beyond the classroom increase student’s ability to discover their “spark” and actualize their potential.  Providing students access to a broad range of experiences enables them to acquire social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills necessary for classroom and career growth."

    They value an engaged community and believe that "when we invest in our children they, in-turn, invest in themselves and strengthen the community. Children growing up in poverty thrive when we build connections between diverse individuals, families, neighborhoods, groups, and organizations." 

    Learn more about OpenDoors Asheville

    Last year with your help, we were able to make a significant impact on the lives of the children in the OpenDoors program–donating $30,000!
    We also designed a special bracelet in collaboration with OpenDoors.

    In 2019 we created a special Harmony Bracelet inspired by Harmony Smith, who lost her precious life to domestic violence in 2018. Each stone of the bracelet was selected by four or Harmony's friends representing her beautiful spirit. All proceeds from the bracelet went directly to OpenDoors, totaling $3,000 for 2019!
    Learn more about this special collaboration