I grew up in a hundred-year-old farmhouse in rural Michigan called Maple Grove Farm, where I spent most of my time in nature, wandering through fields and forests. I would collect leaves, pods, and stones, and befriend wild creatures. It was a wonderful place to be a child!

Now I am a mother of three—two teens and a twenty-year-old! We have spent many days exploring nature together through the years. It's a blessing to live in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina.

Working at SoulKu has been a gift. Over the past several years I’ve been able to witness the incredible unfolding of the business, as it grows and expands with integrity and grace. The women of SoulKu are amazing, generous, and supportive.

I love gemstones, and it is such a joy to work with their healing energy. Making jewelry at home has accommodated me to be fully-present as a parent (at times homeschooling) and afforded me the ability to focus on personal healing, spiritual development, and self care.

It would be almost impossible to describe a favorite piece of jewelry because there are so many of them. I love the magical Moonstone and Labradorite for their mercurial qualities, shimmering and shifting colors in the light.

My current favorite is The Protector bracelet with Shungite and Apatite.

The beauty of the SoulKu is that there is one for every mood and intention, each piece radiates a unique healing vibration.

I have always loved to find beauty in the every day. From growing flowers and herbs, making herbal medicine, to photography, knitting and painting—I am a maker at heart.

I love to dive deeply inward to find the wisdom we all have within. Meditation has been particularly supportive in these challenging times. I like to think that we can walk a path of beauty, by being the one we’ve waited for.

Making art intuitively allows me to receive from my subconscious that which is ready to be revealed. Working with gemstones delights my senses, with their unique properties and beauty.

My current focus has been on giving reverence to the Mother Earth, our home. As well as healing the ancestral lines, which I believe is key to healing the planet. I love to live life as a ceremony, the mundane becomes profound.

Every day I give gratitude for this beautiful life. I love to give meaningful gifts and feel blessed to create such offerings through SoulKu.

You can find Emily's musings and art on Instagram.


And you never know, one of your special SoulKu pieces might just be made by her loving hands!

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