I grew up in Naples, Florida, which was a tiny town no one had heard of back then and has since become extremely popular—much like what is happening now in Asheville. I moved to Asheville 21 years ago after graduating from Ithaca college. I was blowing in the wind a bit with what I wanted to do, and my then boyfriend (now husband) and I decided to drive around the country looking for a place to live. My mom had recently moved to Jackson County, NC, and we drove down to leave my dog with her for the summer. After a month of touring the country we came back for my dog and checked out Asheville. We just immediately felt like it was the place for us.

I have two kids—my son is 8 and my daughter just turned 13 (she loves the new Little Wishes necklaces, see in photo above). We don’t have any extended family in the area, so we have built a family here out of friends. My kids even call some of my friends Aunt and Uncle. A lovely woman whose dog we have been taking care of for years even went to grandparents day at my daughter’s school when she was younger so she wouldn’t feel left out. It can be hard not having family around, but we’ve built our own support system. And we’re lucky that our actual families live in Florida and Colorado, so we have two great places to go on vacation!

When I’m not making jewelry, I’m busy helping my husband run our dog training business, Asheville Dog Company. I also homeschool my kids, which keeps me busy. We’re kind of your typical Ashevillians—we like to garden, hike, go hear live music, and hang out with friends.

What I love about working for SoulKu is the supportive environment. From day one, everyone was so welcoming and encouraging. It’s always been made clear that communication is encouraged and it’s okay to ask questions or ask for help. I also love working with all the beautiful gemstones. It’s like a fun little surprise to pick up my supplies and see what I’ll be making that week. It’s kind of like being a kid in a candy store. I also like that it gives me something just for myself. It’s very peaceful to sit in my little corner I have set up for myself and make jewelry that I think will bring a smile to someone’s face when they wear it.

It’s so hard to pick a favorite SoulKu to make. I think it changes depending on my mood😀 Lately I love the Dendrite Opal Luxe Necklace. I think there is an elegance to the way the shades of white, black, and gray play together.


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