Jen J.

I spent the first part of my childhood in Southern California, spending most weekends at the beach where I developed a deep love of the ocean. My family then decided to move to Arkansas to get back to nature and try our hand at farming. There I discovered hours of endless adventures exploring the forest, which was new to me, given the concrete jungle I was accustomed to from earlier. We moved to Asheville in 1982 after my parents divorced. I found being able to access the many incredible Blue Ridge Mountain trails to be healing, nurturing, and absolutely necessary as I grew up.

Many years later, I now have two daughters who are 16 and 26 (and love the Moonstone Sisterhood necklace), a husband of 27 years, and our beautiful giant canine buddy, Jackson. We’ve created a beautiful home, where we are blessed to be able to access the Mountains to Sea Trail right from our backyard, which we take advantage of on a daily basis!

When I’m not making jewelry or hiking with my family, I enjoy picking up my guitar and getting together with my husband and childhood friend to play music. We have a fun three-piece band we call "The Willows." Since I was a child I’ve loved to sing and found it quite healing, and singing with two of my favorite people is a dream come true. I am grateful to have a job where I have the time and flexibility to indulge my musical, nature-loving, and nurturing spirit.❤️

I’ve been working for SoulKu for four years, and I look forward to the work I do every day! It’s become like a meditation to me, and I find it calms me and keeps me centered. It is meaningful work and brings me so much joy knowing that each piece of jewelry I create will bring a beautiful energy to the lives of others. Working for such a conscientious company with a beautiful vision for its employees and customers feels so good to me!

I love making the Labradorite Sacred Necklace for Transformation, which I’ve been wearing since I first started working for SoulKu. I love the beautiful shape and color of this magical stone and find that during the many changes I’ve had in my personal life and in the world at large, the added energetic support of this gemstone has been truly helpful. 

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