I am an Asheville native, been here my whole life. I love the mountains so much and couldn’t picture myself living anywhere else!

I have an amazing son, who will be 10 in July. He’s very creative and loves building things out of recycled items and legos. We also own a precious silver Labrador, named Bodhi. You’ll find him everywhere we go!

When I’m not making SoulKu jewelry, I enjoy spending time with the people I love. I also enjoy hiking, tasting new food joints in our magical little city, and anything outdoors or by water.

I love working for SoulKu because it gives me the opportunity to prioritize being a mama and work all in one. The hours are flexible and the company is all around incredible! As an added bonus, I've also gained so much knowledge in gemstones.

My favorite item to make is the Botswana Agate Soul-Full of Light necklace. Each Botswana Agate gemstone is so unique, you’ll never find the same one twice. They’re so smooth and beautiful. They have very earthy color tones, making them great for everyday wear.


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