20 Seconds of Insane Courage

“You know sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally, just twenty seconds of insane bravery. And I promise you something great will come of it.”

-Benjamin Mee (We Bought A Zoo)

We love this quote. We think it sums up what is amazing about the incredible lives we can lead if we so choose.

Life isn’t about the day where you got up and got dressed and ate breakfast and went to work and went home, had dinner and went to bed. It’s about the day when everything happens. Good and bad. It’s about the unexpected events that change the course of our lives forever. And while a lot of the time we aren’t in charge of those events – sometimes it’s nice to have been brave enough to pick a few of them for ourselves.

Very few of us grew up being encouraged to chase our dreams. We were told to be good, to stay in line and to be concerned about what the neighbors thought. And while this might have worked for some – for many people it leaves us feeling empty and lost, purposeless. After all what is the long term goal of being good, staying in line and caring what the dang neighbors think?

If any of us look back on our lives, we will most definitely see wonderful triumphs and awful failures. We cannot escape either of these occurrences on our paths. So…why not triumph or fail at the things you pick for yourselves? It’s awful to fail at something you don’t even want in the first place. Why not set your sites insanely high and see what happens?

What is the point of this lifetime if not to see what will materialize if we reach father than we think is possible or strive for greatness beyond what we understand we can do?

Can you imagine how inconceivable flying on a plane once was? How absurd landing on the moon seemed? How unthinkable having practically all the information that the world has to offer available to you instantly via a little portable screen the size of a candy bar? And yet…

We’re not saying you have to invent a space craft to have a purposeful or meaningful life. Perhaps you just have to think outside your box a bit. Maybe just an inch today, two inches tomorrow, a foot next week. People can tap into courage by all kinds of increments. Or maybe you can do it all at once…just 20 full seconds of insane courage that will change the course of your life forever.

Either way…you know you are alive when today feels different then yesterday and tomorrow is uncertain, but potentially really exciting. Be brave sweet friends. Be BRAVE!


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