Badger Animal Medicine & Supportive Crystals

Master Badger medicine and nothing can stand in your way, ever again.

The very first time I drew the Badger in my study of Animal Medicine 20 or more years ago, I groaned. I'm not sure if you've seen videos of Badgers (especially Honey Badgers), but wow...they're scary! They're super aggressive animals that do not back down. I had no idea (nor did I want to know) what this had to do with me!

And, I was surprised by this card draw for our audience for February. It feels like peace is in order at this time, not aggression, but these truly unexpected cards usually turn out to be the best ones. So let's move past what we're in judgement around and dig deep into Badger medicine.

The Badger is an extremely aggressive, powerful creature that is quick to anger and quick to defend itself and its territory. Full stop.

Part of the lesson of any Animal Medicine is understanding that you can lean into these traits, but you don't need to fully embody them. Rather investigate where in your life you could use a little more Badger.

As women, so many of us were brought up not to raise a stink about anything. Make sure everyone else is comfortable, even above our own discomfort. Can you see now where you can use a little Badger?

We often fear feeling real anger. Yet, Badger says, "Feel anger, then use it to propel you forward in a positive, constructive way."

Several years ago, I had some real anger issues. I went away for a weekend to a cabin in the woods by myself, and I screamed, I yelled, I beat a pillow to a pulp. I wrote down every angry thought I had, and I burned them. I exhausted myself. I knew that I could not move forward in my life and listen, react, and heal, nor be present, loving, understanding, or compassionate until I moved that anger energy. This is Badger.

There is nothing worse than sitting with slow, burning, churning anger and doing nothing with it or about it. I'm not endorsing any sort of violent act—instead move that energy in a more well thought-out, constructive, intentional way.

Move the anger energy in ways that will positively affect your future outcomes and help you get what it is you want.

There is real, true healing in intentionally expressing anger and rage. In fact, there is no way to side step these emotions and be fully healed and whole. They must be expressed, and they must be moved through.

Badger medicine asks that we aggressively heal ourselves so that we may remove energetic obstacles in our path to becoming the whole person we want to be.

Badger tells us that we may be too meek in trying to reach a certain goal. Badger encourages us to ask ourselves..."How long are you willing to wait?"

Harnessed and focused Badger energy makes you quick to act in a crisis, making sure you do not panic. And this Animal Medicine makes people incredibly persistent, courageous, and unobstructed in reaching their highest goals.

Gemstones echo the assertive energetics of Badger Animal Medicine. 

  • Black Onyx for Strength
  • Amazonite for Courage
  • Goldstone for Ambition
  • Mookaite for Motivation


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