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Shifts In Perspectives

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes."
- Marcel Proust

Spring is the perfect time to make some intentional changes—especially this Spring. It feels as if we're coming out of a long darkness and reaching towards the light.

A fantastic use of Intention setting energy for Spring would be to intend to have a shift in perspective. I read once that all spiritual practice is the art of shifting perspective. I love this idea, as it sets the perfect framework for looking at most anything in your life and finding ways to see beyond what it is on the surface, maybe beyond the ego, and discovering how any situation can be used, anticipated, and maybe even celebrated as an opportunity for growth and expansion.

Profound shifts in perspective can literally be life altering. It's those "aha" moments we stumble upon when our perspective suddenly changes, and it usually fills us with relief, healing, wisdom, and forgiveness, to name a few.

During the time that I lost my house to foreclosure, I wasn't aware it was going to be one of the very best things that could happened to me in my life. 

But it was. It propelled me forward to finding myself and committing 100% to building the life of my dreams—a life that I alone provided for myself and my children. I finally learned to count on myself. And I proved to myself my worth. It was a big one. 

Without that foreclosure I wouldn't have arrived at this moment, right here.

Mostly our shifts in perspective happen long after we've gone through an experience. We have some distance. Our minds are not clouded with emotion. And we can see other things that result of the experience. This is called Healing.

But, wouldn't it be a great trick to have a perspective shift while we're smack dab in the middle of it? This is called Grace. 

Perspective can either make your problems look bigger or your possibilities look infinite. Believe me I've had experiences in life that have left me desolate—where the slate I thought I knew had been wiped clean. Out of those moments when I have sought a shift in perspective, it's as if my angels came to find me and helped me to see the opportunity in the desolation. 

You have to be willing to be open to the idea that everything is not as it seems. That life's outwardly negative, unexpected turns can actually be a swerve away from something that really, really wouldn't serve you. Or that the betrayal you have experienced is actually an opportunity to expand your heart even bigger. Or that the anger you feel in a certain situation is a cover for sadness and the need to forgive. 

If you've had past experiences of perspective shifts, trust that's the real truth behind the obstacles we encounter and endure, and the Universe is asking you to grow, yet again. 

If you are struggling with the way you feel about something, set the Intention to have a shift in perspective. You can take it one step further if you want to be more specific and say "I intend to have a shift in perspective that brings me ____________. 

Need help filling in the blank? Try one of these:

  • Clarity
  • Ease
  • Grace
  • Healing
  • Forgiveness
  • Wholeness
  • Happiness
  • Joy
  • Wonder
  • Peace

We're always rooting for you. We hope this message helps.

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  • Your message DOES help! Thank you!

    Susan on

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