Bobcat Animal Medicine & Supportive Crystals

Master Bobcat Animal Medicine to fully embrace the notion that life is a magical, miraculous, and a spectacular mystery!

Bobcats move quietly, mysteriously. They are so elusive they're almost never seen. Bobcat Animal Medicine acts as a reminder that not all things in life can be explained or understood through the power of intellect. At its best, its most glorious, life is a total mystery.

If you're trying to "figure things out," find logical explanations, or predict what will happen based on just reasons and facts, you may remove the limitless possibilities that the Universe has in store for you. 

While we all want to know what's going to happen next, this doesn't leave room for spirit to dance with you. It doesn't leave room for the unexpected. And let's face it, isn't it the unexpected that usually transforms our life? 

Bobcat Animal Medicine asks you to expand your vision.

Even when what you are experiencing isn't what you wanted (especially when it's unwanted), Bobcat invites you to excitedly say to yourself, "Oh my Goddess! What amazing thing does the Universe have in store for me?!"

Bobcat asks you to let go of needing to know. We don't/can't actually know anyway—that is just an illusion. You'll find more peace in accepting the unknowable and rooting for whatever magic the Universe has planned.

If you would like to channel Bobcat Animal Medicine—open yourself up to the unexpected, release the need for control, and align more deeply with your spirit and the Universe—lean into the these crystals for help:

  • Black Spinel helps you to believe in and embrace the unknowable, to put your trust in the Universe. It also recharges you by releasing negativity and creating space for positive energy to flow. It gives you that little boost you feel right when you need it most.
  • Smoky Quartz is the most amazing crystal for when you need to release whatever is holding you back. Whether it's a person, thought pattern, or even a situation you feel powerless against, Smoky Quartz will absorb that energy and take it away. Additionally it is a powerful healing crystal that will help to clear the way and open energy for new and positive people, thoughts, and situations that will benefit you.
  • Dendrite Opal inspires and energizes your connection to the spirit—opening the heart, mind, and soul.
  • Angel Aura Rose Quartz is a supportive stone that encourages and amplifies one's ability to connect with angels, spirit guides, and the divine.


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