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Canary Animal Medicine & Supportive Crystals

Master Canary Medicine To Free Yourself From A Cage, Find Your Voice, and Root For Joy.

Each of these three can be seen as a passageway, and once each stage is complete the door opens for the next one.

First, let's talk about freeing yourself from a cage. Cages can be anything. They can be your expectations of yourself and your life, or they can be other's expectations of yourself and your life. Cages can be relationships, jobs, career paths, social groups, social media, or society at large.

A cage can be described as anything that keeps you from expressing the true you—whether it be to fit in, stay small, or not rock the boat—there is a self betrayal that is taking place. You've given someone or something else priority over your loyalty to yourself, your gifts, and ultimately your happiness.

It's important to identify the cage (or cages) for yourself. And then to understand why this person or persons, this community or communities, is so important to you—more important than your own sacredness, your own divine gifts. And once you've identified these things, Canary is saying, "Fly my love. Be free. There's no time to waste."

Then the Canary's invite gets very sweet. Like its song, you are beautiful and unique. You have gifts. You have ideas. You have your very own perspective on the world, and with each passing day that you chose to not share those gifts, not be true to yourself, you lose. We lose too. The world loses.

You have a song to sing dear one. Sing it. Sing it loud and proud. Fill the sky with your voice. We need you.

Much like May's Lion Medicine, Canary is saying to honor all that you are, all that you've been through, make your story your strength, your path, and embrace the wonderful that you are. Then sing (or shout it) from the rooftops.

As you come to accept, love, honor and nurture yourself and your song you open yourself up for actual true joy. The Joy that comes from honoring yourself, accepting yourself and insisting that others accept and honor you too or they can go. There may need to be some goodbyes. But know with 100% certainty as you clear space in your life for only those that love you and honor and accept you, more will come.

Of course this is a lifelong quest. To know, honor, accept and love ourselves and share our gifts with the world is an ever evolving process - filled with possibility and ultimately joy. Canary medicine will help to gently push you towards yourself. She can be leaned into and remembered as a beautiful little golden guide.

Gemstones echoing the energetics of Canary Animal Medicine.

  • Kyanite for Speak Your Truth
  • Sunshine Yellow Crystal for Joy
  • Sunstone for Self Worth
  • Black Sunstone for Self Healing


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