Leo New Moon

New Moons mark the beginning of a new cycle—a cosmic reset.

This is the perfect time for setting Intentions or launching a project. A time to ground your ideas and plans and get clarity around a new direction. Depending on what sign the New Moon is in, you can lean into and receive guidance and energy in a specific area of your life based on the energetics of that sign.


Similar to last month's, August's New Moon happens a bit earlier on July 28th, and its effects will continue to impact you through the weeks following.

This New Moon in Leo presents you with the ability to formulate goals Leo style. This means you should focus on moving things forward—whether that be in a relationship, a career path, or a new venture—AND bring a bigger, better, more rooted sense of pride and confidence to it all.

The invitation of Leo is all about taking pride in yourself as someone who is uniquely YOU. It encourages taking responsibility for everything in your life that has brought you here and also encourages you to give more freely of yourself to others.

During this time, some great keywords for Leo and ideas to meditate on and cultivate inside yourself are: pride, nobility, generosity, hospitable, caring, warn, authoritative, active, and open. How can you explore and expand these traits more deeply into your everyday existence?

We all have a little bit of Leo in us, and this is a good thing. There is nothing wrong with accepting that compliment fully. Practice just saying "Thank You." Leos are also great with their inner child, using it to express themselves creatively and just having fun for fun sake.

As always, the energy is POTENT around the New Moon, so step into it. Walk around inside your own pride, you deserve to be here. You've come so far. This is the time to root in these thoughts and make friends with them. You're awesome...know it. Live it!

Below are gemstones to help you navigate the Leo New Moon.

  • Fluorite for Positivity
  • Sodalite for Confidence
  • Goldstone for Ambition
  • Mookaite for Motivation

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