Capricorn Full Moon & Supportive Crystals

Full moons carry incredible energy and can create changes in your emotions, your body, your mind, and your spirit.

By tracking the full moons and their meanings we hope to inspire, enlighten, and inform you of the energetic shifts that are on their way to you.

As always the Full Moon will cause that push/pull between the energies of the Sun and Moon. In addition to being aware of and noticing this push/pull, you can use crystals to help amplify one of the energies of this Full Moon to help create better balance.

When the full moon is in Capricorn, the sun will be in Cancer.

CAPRICORN MOON energetics concern your public persona, career, reputation, and your ability to be accountable. Things like achievement and reward/punishment are ruled by Capricorn, which asks us to consider our public and professional sense of duty and responsibility. Capricorn inspires us to be grown-up and responsible.


CANCER SUN energetics focus on your private life, domesticity, the need for a foundation and a home base, and nurturance. Attachments and love are ruled by Cancer, which encourages us to value our home and our roots. Cancer is content to be dependent or codependent.

This Full Moon is inviting us to examine and balance our commitment to our careers and/or our families. In many ways, this polarity deals with the balance between conditional love and unconditional love.

Things to consider during this Full Moon:

  • Is my internal value based on my achievements alone? (Capricorn heavy)
  • Does my commitment to my family keep me from achieving all I'd like to achieve? (Cancer heavy)
  • Do I value my family as well as my achievements? (Finding balance)

Gemstones to amplify the energetics of the Capricorn Full Moon are:

If you feel you are Capricorn heavy in your energies you should lean into:

If you feel you are Cancer heavy in your energies you should lean into:


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