Otter Animal Medicine & Supportive Crystals

Master Otter Animal Medicine to remember you are not alone and learn to nurture yourself and others.

The Otter is a loving creature, who is known for the affection it shows its friends and family members. Otters nurture each other through touch. They hold paws, touch each other's faces, balance their young on their bellies for naps, and actually hug each other. They express their connections and love for each other as a way of being.

The Otter reminds us that we are not alone. And that we can nurture ourselves and those around us by expressing our love for each other. Giving love helps to receive love. It works in a beautiful circle. If you want more love, be more love. There is no time like the present. This is your sign to go hug someone and tell them how much you care.

There is no magical revelation here or earth shattering fortune with this Animal Medicine. The invitation is simply to express your love with physical touch and to be present with those you love and tell them how much you love them. The reward of this medicine is love.

I have two stories. The first is about my friend Amber who passed away from lung cancer in 2020. After her diagnosis, and when things were extremely hard and scary, I asked her what she had learned. She said people should tell people they love each other more. That if you were lucky enough to truly love someone, even (and especially) a friend, you should tell them you love them, and you should show them by hugging them and touching them so they know. She ended that conversation by telling me she loved me. It was one of the most beautiful, simple, perfect moments of my life.

The other story is about another friend who was just diagnosed with cancer. She said while she had her MRI she meditated and asked the question "What am I to learn from this?" The answer that was revealed to her was to feel the all love around her. This is hard for my friend. She's always the one who gives love. But her lesson was to feel and receive love this time. To understand her incredible value as a human through experiencing all the love she had cultivated around herself.

As you dance with Otter Animal Medicine, know you are not alone. You are connected to so many people and so many people love and adore you. Allow yourself to feel that love. Allow yourself to give and receive love. No matter what happens in our lives, our friends and family can make it not just bearable but incredible. Love is what it's all about. This is your reminder.

If you would like to amplify your ability to give love, to receive love, to show love, and to be Love like the Otter, the following stones can help.

  • Rose Quartz for Unconditional Love: love for others, for yourself. The perfect vibration to help you express how you feel.
  • Prasiolite for Heart Opener: to open and awaken the heart to the frequencies of love and compassion and enhances the connection to all things
  • Blue Goldstone for Comfort: to help express comfort, compassion and deep care. A lovely, supportive gift to share with someone who is going through something difficult.
  • Rhodonite for Self Love: activates one's highest potential, encourages self-love and forgiveness. Rhodonite is a stone of compassion, an emotional balancer that clears away emotional wounds and scars from the past, and that nurtures self love. 


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