Electric Eel Animal Medicine & Supportive Crystals

Master Electric Eel Medicine to focus your energy and to bring new ideas to life.

Electric Eels are carnivorous fish that can grow up to eight feet long and weigh as much as 40 pounds. They have special cells called "electrolytes" that store electrical power. If they are attacked, they can release a shock up to 600 volts.

Electric Eels are energy masters. Not only do Electric Eels use their energy for protection, they also use it to observe and gather information. Through their tails, they release little bursts of energy which basically create an energetic field around them. Because they have very poor eyesight, they use that field to gather information about anything that is coming near them.

Electric Eel medicine is asking you to try to observe and harness your energy and your energy field. This isn't about keeping up defenses, it's about knowing what feeds you, what nourishes you, what excites you energetically. Then focusing that electricity in a way that propels you forward. It's about turning those electric feelings into action and ultimate manifestation.

Things can easily slip through our fingers if we're not able to focus our energy. Especially the things we are excited about. How many times have you started with an idea or a project that you're incredibly passionate about only to leave it behind when it starts to feel like work? Electric Eel is asking you to manage your energy in shorter bursts so you can finish the marathon, not just the sprint.

Electric Eel medicine creates the possibility of a powerful energetic burst that you can use to manifest your desires or create new things. Its energy can help boost you over the harder parts so you can be steadily working on your desires.

To accomplish anything one needs to pace oneself and maintain a connection to the passionate reasons for why you're doing something in the first place. Electric Eel helps you master this dance by providing an extra woosh of imagination and creativity, of electrical passion and epiphanies. Then it helps you to manage that whoosh, focus it, and manifest something solid, grounded and real.

Some great questions to ask yourself as you contemplate Electric Eel medicine are:
  • Where is the best place to focus my energy right now? 
  • Am I wasting my energy on projects or relationships that aren't going anywhere?
  • Where can I direct my attention and make a lot of forward movement?


  • Apatite for Inspiration
  • Iolite to Live Your Dream
  • Citrine to Manifest
  • Mookaite for Motivation


And here's a fun song to jam out to while you're channeling Electric Eel energy!

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