Finding Your Light in the Dark

“Holding on to the past is the riskiest choice you can make. Because when you hold on to the past – you erase any chance that you can change.”

-Mastin Kipp

Someone you love is stuck; stuck in the past, mired in perceived failures, unable to break through their own fears and doubts, held back by their belief that the past predicts the future. Maybe this person is a family member, a spouse, a friend… maybe this person is you.

We often ask ourselves why? Why is there so much pain? Why is there so much darkness? These are questions for the ages.

And now some conjecture…What we (at SoulKu) believe to be true is that without the experience of darkness in this lifetime, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to choose the light. And that, it is in the act of choosing the light, that we open ourselves up to the possibilities of everything that is our birth right; love, joy, peace.

But sometimes the darkness feels so powerful. And the light so illusive. The darkness can be what we know, what we’re comfortable with, even, sometimes, what we seek. It is easier, sometimes, to be dark. It’s pull can be seductive and addictive.

Mastin Kipp the author of the quote above knows this first hand. As a young, hustling entrepreneur in the music and fashion industry he had it all; money, power, growing fame. But drugs took over and he lost everything. An ex-girlfriend’s parents let him live in their pool house (a nine by nine structure without windows that felt just like a prison cell) so he could get sober.

Sitting in the darkness of that room with nowhere to go and nothing to do but deal with himself, Mastin recognized that he had to let go of the past. When he did he began to realize that deep, deep inside, there was a teeny, tiny light that was just peaking through his heart.

It was a nagging, a tugging. It was quiet at first, but as he listened harder, he recognized it as a calling, his calling. He spent the next 2 years, letting go of the past, staying sober, nurturing that new found light, protecting it, growing it and he went on to create an incredibly successful inspirational empire of WONDERFUL called The Daily Love.

Wisdom is the recognition and incorporation of experienced knowledge. Wisdom is LIGHT in action. Wisdom comes from chaos and darkness in the form of minuscule bits of HOPE and TRUTH that are followed and investigated and nurtured and then proclaimed to the universe.

If you are in the dark my friend – look for the LIGHT. Make it your mission. Look inside your heart. Listen to your soul. Lean in to the people who love you and know you. If you find just one tiny, little speck, nurture it, feed it, cultivate it. Help it along as you would a lost child. Show it compassion, empathy. Reward it as it grows. Nurture it until it can stand on it’s own and can show you the rest of the way. It is there. We promise. It’s just waiting to be discovered.

Finding your way out of the darkness can be the most challenging of life’s trials AND, it can also be the thing that makes you, YOU. The YOU you were meant to be. Keep seeking the light. The good news is, it’s already with you. It is you. Namaste.


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