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Grateful—Our 2023 Word Of The Year

We'd like a takeback for SoulKu's word of the year for 2022. 🤪 It was "Curiosity."

We had the best of intentions when selecting this word. I think what we meant was we wanted to curiously wonder what the world had in store for us—in a kind of fun house way, in a non judgemental "what have we here?" kind of way. And while we certainly had our fair share of experiencing that, what we also learned about Curiosity was that in order for you to be Curious, things have to be unknown, undecided, uncertain, and generally speaking, pretty uncomfortable. In which case, if living a word was a contest, we nailed Curiosity in 2022! We learned a lot... we'll leave it at that. So goodbye "Curiosity" (after all it did kill the cat).


While picking a word to live by this year, we mulled over several—mostly based on instant happiness, enjoyment, and satisfaction. If "no more struggle" was a word, that would be the word for this year. If "job well done" could be condensed into a word, that would be it. If "crushing it" fit the bill, that would be our choice.

But we set these parameters that it had to be one word, and so "Grateful," with its lovely presumption that there is something to be Grateful for, feels like a nice, soft landing place for SoulKu this next year.

And to be frank, "Grateful" has always been with us. Even when we were curiously struggling, "Grateful" would pull us out, help us get our heads above water, and allow us to take a long sweet breath.

"Grateful" means we're conscious and recognize all the things we already have; the little things we sometimes forget to honor like food on the table and the big things like our health, opportunities, our friends and families, or our faith in a beautiful, spiritual, compassionate world.

"Grateful" means we won't take any of it for granted. That we express gratitude whenever possible, and that in doing so, we generate more ways, more reasons, more opportunities to be Grateful.

It is with our Grateful hearts wide open that we welcome 2023. And, we are Grateful for you.

Thank you!

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