Leopard Animal Medicine & Supportive Crystals

Master Leopard Medicine to overcome a fear, find courage, and access inner strength.

Leopards have a reputation of being fierce and strong and cunning as they can take down prey many times their weight and size. Yet, they are also notoriously shy and elusive, mostly keeping to themselves in the forest shadows. Therefore, Leopard Medicine serves those who are seeking guidance during times of change and adversity. Because they are survivors who are adaptive and resourceful, if you need some extra support in your life lean in to Leopard.

Leopards are stealthy animals—near impossible to detect in the wild, secretive, and discreet. This animal energy can help you understand the importance of sharing only necessary information. You can be persuasive without being pushy and get what you want without drawing a lot of attention.

Because Leopards are so quiet and keep to themselves it's a reminder that true power exists inside and that outward shows of power aren't usually based in reality. Be sure to check yourself so that you are cultivating and nurturing your inner strength and will.

Sometimes, with Leopard Medicine you are put on notice to pay close attention—something is about to change and the way you handle it is entirely up to you.

Leopard Animal Medicine can be leaned into for bravery, inner strength to overcome changes or obstacles, tenacity, persistence, and the ability to stand up for yourself or others who need your help. She is a POWERFUL medicine and a wonderful way to move into a new beginning!

The following are gemstones that align with Leopard Animal Medicine:

  • Labradorite for Transformation
  • Botswana Agate for Change
  • Amazonite for Courage
  • Black Onyx for Strength
  • Dragon Blood Jasper for Inner Strength


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