How To Listen To Your Heart

Very often, as we talk about setting Intentions, we say things like, "Listen to your heart." It's been occurring to me that this statement alone is worthy of some serious exploration.

What does it really mean to "Listen to your heart?" How does the heart speak to us? How can we tell if inner guidance is actually coming from our heart?

Your intuition speaks through your heart. It can be subtle – a nudge or an urge you can't exactly explain. It tells you to take action, pay attention, or investigate. These intuitive "hits" require that you allow your mind to be still, be calm, and let go of reactionary tendencies.

Intuition, unless it is super cultivated, rarely screams. I find, for myself, my intuition is most active during my hot yoga practice. My body and mind are so busy surviving a ninety minute class, that my heart has a chance to take center stage and reveal its deepest thoughts to me.

But, reflecting internally doesn't have to take place in a hot yoga room. It can be during a walk, during a meditation, driving in your car, or taking a shower. You need to find what works for you - there are no rules for tapping into your intuition. 

The heart speaks with love - it guides in a gentle and peaceful way. The ego, on the other hand can be hard, loud, critical, and fear based. The ego is useful in keeping us safe and alive, but it can cloud or even block intuitive messages from the heart.

The heart reminds us of our connection to others through compassion and empathy. It urges us to listen, to care, to put ourselves in the position of others, and see things through another person's eyes. 

AND...the heart is the center of self love and knows that while we can and should bear witness to the suffering of others, taking on that suffering is NOT the work of love.

Our egos want to step in and judge, save, or be the hero. Our hearts know everyone's path is unique and ALL experiences lead to growth (even, and especially so called negative ones). The heart honors our connectivity - but doesn't take on anyone else's journey. 

The heart simply radiates LOVE, support, kindness, strength, and if we let it - wisdom.

When setting Intentions, we need to open ourselves up to the wisdom the heart carries. It can inform us of actions, of next steps, of the unimaginable. As we honor our heart and listen, we allow our inner spiritual guidance system to take over. This simple act of asking our heart to speak to us can be moving beyond measure. 

I realize it can be challenging, but I ask that you be relentless in asking your heart to speak to you. 

Trust your heart knows, and open yourself up to the messages from the Universe! Use these messages, these intuitive hits, to formulate Intentions or actions around Manifestations. I promise it will be worth it.


As always, we're rooting for you!


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