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Aligning with Abundance...It's Not What You Think

I recently bought a house. It's a beautiful house. I am beside myself right now as I write this blog from my front porch.

A few years back my life completely fell apart. There was a bankruptcy. A foreclosure. Tax issues. A divorce. At the time I seriously could not see the forest for the trees.

The idea that I would ever own a home again, ever be stable financially, ever not feel the fear in my heart and brain that scarcity, lack and limitation creates, was unfathomable!

I asked myself again and again "WHY was this happening to me?" I felt I was a good person, that I was in service to humanity as a whole, that I was kind and generous to my family and friends...and yet still...I couldn't seem to manifest a lick of financial abundance in my life.

It wasn't until I had a huge shift in consciousness around abundance and prosperity that I was able to chip away at my limiting beliefs.

Understanding fully that life wasn't happening "to me" was the first step.

Life happens FOR US. Meaning - we/you/I are not the victim. We are like a kid in school (the school of life), and life offers you lessons. It's up to you to study, attend classes and figure it all out. These lessons, while freaking brutal, sometimes are the keys to the kingdom.

Second, how many people do you know who are very wealthy yet aren't good people? Not to equate wealth with bad behavior, but I know a bunch of not so nice people who are stinkin' rich. So our "goodness" or "badness" doesn't play a factor. 

So how do we make sense of it all?

There is only one way to manifest abundance...align with it!

Meaning - abundance is, like everything else, an energetic vibration. It's not good or bad. There is no judgement around the energy – it's always in existence, and you have the right to tap into it at anytime. 

Aligning with the energies of abundance can be immediate if your channel is clear. However, there are some other heavy, sticky energies that can clog your ability to align. Guilt and Shame are two of the top thoughts/emotions that can create bottlenecks. 

And here's where you remind yourself that there isn't a good or bad to abundance. It just is. Your past, the things you "did right" or "did wrong" have no baring on your ability to be prosperous. Nada. Zilch. Zero. 

Of course we'd love it if you were a good person and did good with the abundance you manifest, but you don't have to. There is no "deal" you make with the Universe that if you're "good" you can have abundance. 

Alignment, for me, happened gradually and had everything to do with the energies of gratitude. 

I had little opportunities to "act" like I was abundant. Someone took me to a nice dinner. I had some extra cash and bought something special just for myself. I test drove the car of my dreams and pretended it was mine. A friend let me borrow a leather jacket that was very expensive, and I wore it out and felt like a million bucks...see?

And for each of those silly little moments, I was grateful...over the top grateful for the abundance in my life. 

It could be a decadent piece of chocolate, a glorious sunset, a hug from a dear friend...anything that allows you to be present. And feeling your life can lead to moments of deep gratitude because you are aligning with those energetics! And before you know it, you're buying your dream house and sleeping so soundly at night knowing that you are no longer living in fear. You are living in gratitude!! 

Little by little, I think, I built up trust that another moment of gratefulness and gratitude was on the horizon. And sure enough it was.

Alignment with Abundance = Alignment with Gratitude. Same vibration. Same energies. And...abundance doesn't have to mean financial wealth, it can be ANYTHING you desire more of in your life. Abundance of love, communication, celebration, passion, excitement. It all stems from cultivating gratitude. 

It's been a long journey. I lost and gained so much. I've grown and learned and know without a doubt that anything can be overcome. Lives can shift and change and YOU have the power to do anything!


As always, we're rooting for YOU!

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  • I am studying abundance and alignment and I got this article to read at the right time.

    Thank you for writing

  • Thanks for your wise words of encouragement . It inspires me to new heights of abundance thanks again

    Lewis Dampeef on

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