How to Set Intentions (Step 1) Release

Something we’ve noticed lately is that not laying the ground work for your intention setting is like not eating breakfast. You can save some time in the morning but you will spend a good part of your day feeling out of sorts and in catch up mode.

Before setting any intentions (and here’s where the warrior work comes in) you must release your own disbelief in your power to be happy, abundant, gainfully employed, in a loving relationship, etc. 

We know that it is possible to need to spend literal years doing this.  AND we think it’s valuable to say that this investment in your own life, so that you can manifest anything you desire, is well worth it.

Think of this time of release as your spirit’s 401K.

One of the best ways to find relief and to release any thoughts or feelings that don’t serve you is to pray. Begin a daily prayer practice in which you ask the Universe to release you from any limiting beliefs about yourself that you might have.

Remain open to “assignments” from the Universe and say yes to any opportunities that arise that challenge your current thought patterns about yourself. These “assignments” can come in many forms – like the loss of a job, a bad relationship, a situation seemingly beyond your control that requires you bend in a whole new way.

These “assignments” from the Universe are your opportunity to clear the deck, shift your patterns, clean your energy and create space for the new power and life that you’re actively cultivating.

Situations may take you by surprise but be aware that this is the Universe responding to your desires to shift and change. It’s a GOOD thing!

As you are knee deep in “assignments” your prayer can shift into one asking for guidance from the Universe and aid in your healing process.

Continue to show up for your “assignments”and as you shift and clean your energy, know that the Universe will answer you back with positivity.

“If you truly want to change your life, you must be willing to change your mind.”
-Donald Altman

And As Always…We’re rooting for you!

Stay tuned for the next steps!

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