How To Set Intentions (Step 5) Trust!

How to Set Intentions (Step 5) Trust!

When you deeply trust in the Universe, you can be very clear and deliberate about what you want. When you deeply trust in the Universe, you aren’t afraid or in a place of doubt or disbelief.

As your doubt fades away the energy of “wanting” can be replaced by “knowing.” Getting to a place of deeply trusting the Universe happens after time and practice – and a few miracles witnessed by you.

One thing I really like to do – because doubt can be super STRONG, especially when you are feeling lack and limitation – is to keep a miracle journal. When something miraculous happens, no matter how small, write it down. I titled my miracle journal “Proof.” I go back to it when I am feeling doubt. It reminds me that indeed, as I have been deliberate about the process, I have seen results.

If you seriously diligently practice steps one through four, you will clear away your doubts, get really clear on your desires and I guarantee that you will feel happier. Having direction and focus instead of fog makes a huge difference not matter what.

Steps one through four are a huge healing process. It’s quite powerful and it will help you get to a deep inner knowing that you are on the right track.

Once I asked (screamed, yelled, cried at) the Universe for a very specific sign – a red cardinal. It was delivered to me as a drawing on the spine of a cookbook in my own kitchen. Ironically – it had been there all along and for me that realization was as big as the sign.

Later I was actually paddling down a river and I pulled over to the side of a bank and sat on my boat in shade of a huge tree. I was overcome with a feeling of bliss. I lay there and just felt amazing, beyond words amazing. I thought to myself, “Could my life be this wonderful all the time?”

I paddled across the river towards a beach. A woman was pulling her boat out of the water and she turned away from me and on her upper arm was the tattoo of a huge red cardinal. I knew in that instant that all was well, that the Universe really had my back and that miracles were everywhere.

Living fully in moments like these, bring more moments like these. When you can feel this, you can live it, full time. And outside shifts that occur around you become just circumstances and not the controlling factors in your life.

It may take some time, but the Universe will catch up with your energy and your intentions will come into form. Becoming internally faithful (with some help in the form of signs and signals from the Universe) and following those feelings of faith will build the trust you need to succeed.


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