How To Speed Up the Manifestation Process

Want to move your manifesting forward more quickly? Turn your intentions into Positive Affirmations! Here’s a quick guide:

1. Your intention was born out of a need. What is that need? Is it that you don’t have enough money? Is it that you want a better job? A romantic partner?

2. Now look at what you really want…take your need one step further and think about how it will make you feel when you’ve manifested your intention. It’s not the money or the job that will change your life… ultimately it’s how those things will make you feel. Having money brings a feeling of security. Having a job you like makes you feel purposeful and fulfilled. Having a loving partner will bring you joy and a feeling of loving acceptance.

3. Now instead of placing your desire in the future rephrase what you want as if you already have it now. For instance “I have all the money I need right now,” “I am totally fulfilled by my job,” “I feel such a sense of purpose in my work,” or “I am deeply joyful in my relationship.” These are fairly generic statements that are meant to be further customized by you according to your desires. It’s important that these statements exist in the NOW as opposed to some day in the future.

4. Repeat these positive affirmations again and again and again until they break the negative thought patterns that have come before them. Put them on post it notes on your mirror, in your office, in your date book. Pick places where you will say them every day and commit to at least 7 straight days of saying your affirmations for (collectively) ten minutes or so.

If you feel you don’t have the time or desire to just sit and say your affirmations find times, activities and places that work around your schedule.

My car is a very powerful place for prayer/mindfulness and affirmations – I often refer to it as my mobile temple – my body and brain are just busy enough driving to allow my mind to focus on affirmations. I drive quite a bit so I use the time to affirm the reality I desire.

Exercising, hiking, cleaning, even doing dishes are literally perfect practice times for saying your affirmations and feeling your way into the life you want to create. You don’t have to have an altar, or mediation room, or be an accomplished yogi, you just need to be clear and do it.

We’re rooting for you!

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