Is Shame Holding You Back?

I have some gentle medicine for your soul as we roll into this New Year. Take a minute to read and allow its grace to wash over you...

Intention setting and manifestation can be challenging–to say the least. 

I am so very proud of you for making a commitment to change your life. It takes real courage to recognize you need to change and real faith to believe you can make that change and absolute inspired action to accomplish your manifestation goals. So good for you. You rock!

Now let's smash through a barrier...

Something has come up for me again and again in the past month or so and it hit me yesterday that it was really worth addressing. 

I want to address SHAME.

Shame corrodes the very part of us that feels we are capable of change. It tells us, "No...that path is not for you. You are not enough."

Shame is the antidote to progress. It is the annihilator of courage. The robber of dreams and plans and hopes. 

Here's the good news and a simple truth–your's not yours. 

Let that sink in. 

Shame isn't yours. It doesn't belong to you. It was placed there by someone else–someone who most likely was ashamed themselves and learned that wielding shame is powerful and can control people.

Shame is not about your worthiness as a human being. 

Shame is about how they were broken. 

So forgive them and move on with your life.

This isn't some spiritual bypass. Shame is just programming. And if you have that understanding, you can face "your" shame head on. 

So when that voice inside you says, "You are not enough," "Who do you think you are?" "Why should you be brilliant, beautiful, successful, (insert shameful phase here)"...answer it with, "That's not mine. I am capable of anything and everything."

Start there...try it a few times...maybe make that your intention–to answer shame head on. Be loving with yourself. You are, after all, so special, so unique, so full of promise and hope and action and truth. 

Let it wash over you. You are not your shame.

Let's start the year there. Let us know how it's going.


As always - we're so rooting for you.


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  • Thank you for this message, it certainly hit home. In more ways than one. I wear my necklace with pride and confidence, knowing that I am capable and worthy of change. Thank you.

    Janice on

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