KOALA ANIMAL MEDICINE & Supportive Crystals

Master Koala Medicine to remember to move slowly, have faith, and trust that abundance is everywhere.

There seems to be a theme as we cross over from summer into fall—one of slowing down, turning in, allowing room for change, and trusting the work you have already done and the plans that The Universe has for you.

It's beautifully reflected in the sweet and cuddly Koala Animal Medicine. Koalas move slowly. They leisurely go about their days, eating eucalyptus leaves, trusting, of course, that there will always be more than enough for them and enough to go around. They are also not motivated by competition or distractions because literally everything they need, they have.

Koala invites us to recognize that kind of simplicity of Spirit is always available to us, always with us, and always able to provide what we need.

Move slowly, deliberately, Koala says, with faith, and lean into the idea that abundance is everywhere, no hustling required. Koala asks that at this very moment you take a moment to experience everything you have right now, everything you are, everything you have made of your life. And that feeling is the feeling that will catapult you into the abundance, the life that you seek.

However, this is not just about abundance, but TRUST. What is called for is a radical trust that everything is going to be ok. And everything will be ok. Maybe it is in surrendering to that higher power that causes the doorway to abundance and trust to fling open. Maybe it's the relaxing, the nonchalant attitude that creates the life of your dreams. It most definitely isn't the death grip that you've been working with up to this point. Let go friend. Trust.

Spirit is always here and always available to help you discover all the wonderful things that make being human feel good.

Gemstones echoing the energetics of Koala Animal Medicine.

  • Carnelian for Abundance
  • Dendrite Opal for Spiritual Awakening
  • Iolite to Live Your Dream
  • Chrysocolla for Hope
  • Banded Calcite for Prosperity
  • Celestite for Tranquility
  • Angel Aura Rose Quartz for Spiritual Expanse

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