Lion Animal Medicine & Supportive Crystals

Master Lion Medicine To Know Your Worth & Give Your Talents Generously.

This month's card made me smile, then tear up and reflect. It made me happy, excited, and sad. I know that it's a truly powerful medicine and something you need to know about if you're reading this right now. This month's Animal Medicine is the majestic Lion.

While we know Lion Medicine can boost and amplify a healthy ego, it's often the journey to that healthy ego that Lion can facilitate.

Do you find yourself doubting how much good you can do in the world? Are you stuck in a place of lack and limitation thinking just who do I think I am to claim leadership or power? What makes me think my dreams can come true? Who am I to think I can have a good relationship, a steady income, a voice in the world?

Lion is here to infuse you with the knowledge that everything you dream is possible. You have been given unique gifts and talents, and your dreams are a reflection of those gifts and talents. You were born to steward that energy so you may do the work you were brought here to do. Take pride in who you are and what you have to offer, and then be generous with your gifts and bring as much love, compassion, and beauty to this world as you can.

You may feel underappreciated for all the good you do in the world already. Trust that your good works, your energies, do not go unanswered. The best gifts are the ones we give freely, without any expectation that our actions will be seen, appreciated, or matched. Be generous for the sake of generosity and love. Answer only to your own spirit. Expect nothing in return.

These are all the building blocks of a healthy ego. An appreciation for exactly who we are and exactly what we have to offer. As you feel deeply into this, lean into Lion and trust that you are worthy of it all. You are.

Gemstones to help you lean in and embody Lion Animal Medicine.

  • Rhodonite for Self Love
  • Blue Lace Agate for Confidence
  • Tiger Eye for Empowerment
  • Fossilized Coral for Inner Wisdom


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