Gemini New Moon

New Moons mark the beginning of a new cycle—a cosmic reset.

This is the perfect time for setting Intentions or launching a project. A time to ground your ideas and plans and get clarity around a new direction. Depending on what sign the New Moon is in, you can lean into and receive guidance and energy in a specific area of your life based on the energetics of that sign.


On May 30th, your invitation is to embrace some of those wonderful, positive Gemini qualities.

You'll be pulled to communicate better by focusing on your listening skills and seeking out others' points of view. Geminis can easily slip between many opinions, embracing an empathetic ear and stance, as opposed to needing to know one hard, fast, sure answer that backs up what they think or feel.

They're are able to be more patient with ambiguity than most signs, and that's helpful when it comes to being present and listening without ego.

Your task, should you choose to take it, is to focus on re-evaluating your own communication style. Are you, like most of us, only listening in order to comment and share your opinion or experience, or are you listening to listen and learn something new? How much new information are you taking in during your communications?

And what if that information doesn't line up with your narrative? How open are you to exploring other ideas? Other opinions? Other narratives? One thing we know for certain friends is that you cannot thrive in your life if you don't allow for some new truths to be discovered every now and then.

Gemini's energy is potent—meaning, if you can embrace the betterment of your listening, you can make real, lasting changes in your life. Wonderfully, this lumination occurs shortly after Mars aligns with Jupiter in Aries and that creates an energetic that prepares us to do something new, enterprising, and courageous.

Below are gemstones to help you navigate the Gemini New Moon.

  • Turquoise for Friendship
  • Prasiolite for Heart Opener
  • Howlite for Calm, Patience, & Serenity
  • Quartz Crystal for Harmony

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