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Make Your Growth Intentional

“Change is Inevitable. Growth is Intentional.”

-Glenda Cloud

Living an intentional life can seem complicated – but we’ve actually found that living intentionally basically means being mindful and being mindful brings added meaning, growth and joy to your life. Take washing dishes for example (we bet you’re saying, “Bring meaning, joy and growth through washing dishes?! Give me a break!) but it’s totally possible.

Before you begin to wash the dishes (or do any menial chore around your home) ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” And then really think about it.

Do you wash dishes to keep your home clean the way you like it?  Do you do the dishes to be in service to your family? By washing the dishes do you encourage other members of your family time to do other things like finish homework or take a bath after dinner? Can washing dishes be a meditation for you? A sacred time to check in with your spirit or to think about everything you are grateful for? Washing dishes can become a practice in living intentionally.

Taking the time to be intentional about the things we do on a regular basis can open up whole new worlds of consciousness. Driving carpools, packing lunches, doing yard work – these everyday tasks can take on new meaning when you are consciously aware of the deeper intentions behind them.

As you finish reading this page take a moment before moving on, to take a breath, close your eyes and really focus on the next thing you’re going to do and the intention behind it. If you live this way, bit by bit, you will find your life transformed.


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