Mouse Animal Medicine & Supportive Crystals

Master Mouse Animal Medicine to recognize, examine, and explore the incredible value in the little things.

Mice are incredibly meticulous and fastidious little creatures. They scrutinize, they dissect, they consider, they organize all on a micro level. 

Mouse Medicine teaches us to pay attention to the little details that can get overlooked in our anxiousness to see and understand the big picture. 

Are there a bunch of small, foundational things that need to happen before you can actually get to where you're going that you're not giving proper consideration and time? Is there something you're not paying attention to—either because it seems insignificant to you or you're choosing not to look at it? 

Mouse Medicine invites you to look closer and deeper than you have before to make sure you're crossing every T and dotting every I. It encourages you to take the time to see what's there on every level before moving forward. 

Mice are also expert hiders. They scavenge and collect, then burrow and hide. Is there a part of you or a part of someone else that you're not being truthful about? Have you hidden something away that could be life altering if you pulled it out into the open and truly faced it?

Mouse medicine lends us the courage it takes to look deeply into ourselves, and others, allowing for true introspection and clarity around any issue. It encourages us to see what's really happening on a subtle level and helps us to honor and make sense of every little piece that makes up the whole.

Mouse Medicine helps us to be compassionate with ourselves and the journey we have taken so far. It infuses us with patience so that we may allow ourselves to dig deeper than we have before and make room for the things we need to take care of. 

Gemstones that echo the energetics of Mouse Animal Medicine.

  • Amazonite for Courage
  • Howlite for Calm, Patience, & Serenity
  • Lapis Lazuli for Clarity
  • Vesuvianite to Rock Your Life


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