Rhinoceros Animal Medicine

Every month we will pull an Animal Medicine card specifically for the audience of SoulKu. Each animal exhibits certain habits, has an essence, or portrays a personality trait that can be relayed into messages about how to live life.

The monthly card will help guide, amplify, and define the energetics of your month. If you are reading this blog, this medicine is for you. Tune into the Animal Medicine to help you move through whatever is presented to you.

Master Rhino medicine and you will master the ability to overcome any obstacle.

We all know Rhinos are HUGE and potentially very dangerous. What we don't usually hear about the Rhino is that they're extremely smart and good at problem solving. They can actually be trained much like a dog. How does such a massive animal survive to almost 40 years in the wild? Additionally, they can run fairly fast and employ herd strategies to avoid being picked off by faster prey.

What this means for you is that when you lean into Rhino medicine you are not only infused with the brute strength you need to barrel through obstacles, but you're also invited to open your mind to the idea that there are more ways than one to overcome the thing that's holding you back.

Yes, you can use your sheer strength of will to move past it. You can shatter it with the force of clear deliberate intention. Or, you can even transform something into a mere dust that floats away by refusing to allow it to limit you.

You, my friend, are full of magic. How can you examine your Intentions and apply that magic, that divine strength and creativity, to the situation at hand?

So many times we find ourselves stuck in a place—faced with a snag, a hurdle, a stumbling block. Our spiritual toolboxes remains closed because we literally forget how powerful we are and all the magic we have at our disposal.

Rhino Medicine reminds you, invites you, to remember the magic inside you and use it to your advantage.

Lastly, Rhino medicine reminds you that when an obstacle is placed in your path, it's there for a reason! It's asking you, begging you, to GROW.

Once I heard Gloria Steinem say that as women we need to fight for our rights. It's that fight that will make us strong enough to know what to do with the rights once we have them. This is the same concept. Obstacles are for your benefit. Know this. Remember the blessing in each and every hurdle.

The following are gemstones that mirror or amplify Rhino medicine and help support you as you explore your own relationship with obstacle.

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