Dolphin Animal Medicine & Supportive Crystals

Dolphin Medicine is an invitation to examine your duality—your darkness and your light.

It is also a promise that when we look for the light, we will always find it. Always.

As a dolphin is both a mammal and an ocean dwelling creature, it is the absolute manifestation of two things existing in one being at the same time.

When a dolphin travels the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean while also constantly returning to the surface for air and sunlight, it is a living example of existing in both spaces at once.

When we are suffering, at our deepest, darkest depths, there is also an opportunity for a great lightning, a blessing.

The lightning can be found through those who come to help us out of the darkness—those friends and family members who show up to help us to know and experience unconditional love.

And it can also be found in an opportunity to be closer to God.

I feel the closest to God, to my higher self, to spirit when I am suffering. At our darkest, weakest, most vulnerable we are actually the most available for light. As we allow our guard down, our vulnerability opens up, and we are able to receive more healing and more love than ever before.

I read a story once about a group of whales that were stranded on a beach in New Zealand. They were disoriented and dying, and the people from the town were desperately doing everything they could to try to get the whales back out into the sea.

Suddenly, a pod of Dolphins appeared out of nowhere and led the whales back to deep water. This is considered a miracle. Dolphin medicine teaches that the opportunity to experience light is always available beside the dark. Always.

Dolphin medicine invites you to shift your perspective of your experience. As you suffer, can you look for the places where light can enter? As you are in your own darkness, can you accept the beautiful shining light from others and from God and know it and cherish it as the miracle it is?

Dolphin reminds us that when we have the courage to allow ourselves to experience such darkness, we also allow ourselves to experience such light. It is actually an honor and a gift beyond our imagination.

Gemstones that align with Dolphin Animal Medicine.

  • Blue Goldstone to Comfort
  • Dendrite Opal for Spiritual Awakening
  • Prasiolite for Heart Opener
  • Unakite for Balance


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