Scorpio Full Moon & Supportive Crystals

Full moons carry incredible energy and can create changes in your emotions, your body, your mind, and your spirit.

By tracking the full moons and their meanings we hope to inspire, enlighten, and inform you of the energetic shifts that are on their way to you. 

When the Full Moon is in Scorpio the sun will be in Taurus.

As with all full moons, these two energies will create a push/pull. Full Moons are the time to examine and explore the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that exist between these two contrasting dynamics. This particular polarity is all about form versus transformation.

Taurus energy deals with matter, personal values, material goods, possessions, and security. Things that are yours, solid, and dependable. Conversely, Scorpio energy is all about shared possessions, the destruction of form, change, and transformation. Things that are shared, in flux, or may need to be dismantled. 

This Full Moon is as if you're coming up to a fork in the road of life where you need to choose between what you are living and can count on and what is happening around you that no longer serves you, can no longer be ignored, and is asking you (practically begging you) to change, transform, and grow. 

It's saying, "Hey, you know how you like everything to be just right? You like to know what the deal is and how everything is going to go down? That's cool, but real life is happening on the other side of that." 

The sun in Taurus highlights the happiness found in simple, tangible things. The moon in Scorpio illuminates the complexity of real, authentic living and being, the intangible things that make up a life worth living.

A balance between these two polarities is the invitation. There is a boldness being called for here, most likely to do with intimate issues. An emotional declaration, something that has been building over time, inside us needs to be examined and proclaimed to the Universe. It's time to get that ball rolling.

Now, as emotional as this feels and knowing that now is the time to express it, here's what you need to be aware of during this time:

  • Take heed as you let it out because this will be the first time you've really been able to get it out, and it may not be particularly rational, fully understandable (to you), or explainable yet. You'll have this feeling you've been wrestling with, and you'll just know. Full Moons help us to expose issues that are already in us, but haven't been expressed yet. 
  • Say what needs to be said. Stand in your power. Be willing to risk what you know for sure because what you suspect might be a bigger, brighter life.

Allow the Full Moon to guide you and don't look back. The next two weeks will help you find an even deeper truth, and you will soon come to see you can also count on the little voice inside you that says, "I want more." 

Gemstones for supporting you through the Scorpio Full Moon.

  • Kyanite for Speak Your Truth
  • Labradorite for Transformation
  • Botswana Agate for Change
  • Amazonite for Courage

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  • Thank you for this truthful and insightful message. As a scorpio struggling against a toxic situation with my boyfriend’s mother, I needed this to help uplift me. I am often one to hold back or bite my tongue afraid to “rock the boat” and cause others to feel uncomfortable. Today I took a leap of faith in myself and spoke my truth plainly and honestly. I finally had had enough of others attempting to control and invade my boundaries. It cost me the relationship with her as she no longer wants anything to do with me, and I am no longer welcome to her house. That’s okay because that’s her choice. While all mothers are powerful and important, not all use their role in a healthy or uplifting way. As I practice reclaiming my own power, I hope to inspire other young women to do the same. We are powerful, we are capable, and we are enough. I am currently wearing the Fluorite soul-full of light necklace. I chose it to remind myself to let things flow in and out of my life without resistance and to always remain thankful for what is good. I will be looking for the full moon tonight, and with a grateful heart for who I am.

    K.S. on
  • Thank you for so deftly explaining the subtleties of this Pink Super Moon and how to take best advantage of what it is offering!

    Melissa on

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