Snake Animal Medicine & Supportive Crystals

Master Snake Medicine to Transmute and Heal.

Snake's invitation is very basic, yet profoundly transformational—it is time to shed your skin and step into the newer, wiser, stronger, healer (yes, healer) YOU.

Here's what that looks like—
Honor yourself and the work you have already done to heal, grow, and repair the brokenness within you, within your family, and your community. No matter how much you have lost or how you have been disappointed, be proud of and celebrate your healing journeys thus far. You have come a long way and need to recognize your incredible strength of heart and spirit.

Then take a good, hard look at what is still left over to be transmuted. It is the thoughts you don't usually allow yourself to have, the darker parts of you or of your community, the shame, the grief, the agony that you don't speak of or address in any sort of causal or public way.

As you allow yourself to look, you will feel the beautiful tenderness of your newly exposed skin. Remain vulnerable. Love yourself through it. This is what is required for your entrance into your new life. You have been weak in the past. You have made mistakes. But you are here now. You know better. You will do better. It's time to move forward and release the past. The end.

And then you need to forgive yourself. You must practice radical self-acceptance and self love. Until you forgive yourself, my sweet friend, you cannot move forward. And there is work to be done.

With Snake Medicine comes the opportunity for a new sort of energy and vitality. It is the vitality of the cleared soul, the forgiven spirit. And from that vitality comes the ability to heal not just yourself, but others who have not yet walked where you have walked. It is time.

The greatest healers (Snake Medicine People) are broken individuals who understand and accept their own brokenness and then transform, transmute, and translate that pain into wisdom that can be shared and used to help others shed their skin and find their way in the darkness. It is noble. It is an honoring of the human experience that is nothing short of sacred.

What an invite, huh? Snake Medicine is showing you the way. Once you have forgiven yourself, you can get out of the way and help others to forgive themselves.

Gemstones to support you on this noble journey with Snake Animal Medicine.


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  • Thanks granny. I love you so much. You’re always there for me. I hope i make you proud. Please help ,me heal my dad and get hi, back. I miss him so ,much. Will Taylor ever forgive me? When? I miss laughing with her. I miss being a mom to kriston. 💕

    Kim on
  • Snake animal medicine has guided me through some of my greatest changes. This particular growth is more powerful and daunting. Thank you for the reminder to keep going because of the grace, release, and beauty that await.

    Heather W on
  • Another SURPASSING, provocative, auspicious, and timely GEM from Elisa and Allison! Yes! to that invitation, and to supporting all one another on our collective journey. Much love!!!

    Libby Mitchell on

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