Curiosity—Our 2022 Word of the Year

"The secret of success is an ungovernable curiosity."

Finding a word for the year presents an amazing opportunity for all kinds of conversation, exploration, and excitement. (We suggest you pick one for yourself OR feel free to use ours!)

Our word for 2021 was INTEGRATION. We worked hard last year integrating everything we learned in 2020. And we learned a lot in 2020...

In 2020 we learned we were going too fast, and we were not as present with our lives as we should be. We learned our priorities were out of whack and needed correction.

And in order to integrate what we learned, we had to turn our observations into action items and sources of wisdom. So we slowed down. We created the space for present moments. We focused on what made us feel alive, and we did more of that.

The hardest thing we learned in 2020 was fear and uncertainty creates distance, righteousness, and judgment, and unless we work hard at authentically connecting with each other, our humanness can fall away. Our wisdom—our way of integrating what we learned from 2020—was to turn again and again to love and service.

But we noticed something else. As we turned to love and service, in order to authentically connect, we had to remain curious. When we approached anything with a sense of curiosity, people opened up, doors opened up, the sky opened up.

SoulKu's 2022 word of the year is CURIOSITY.

So many things can be said about Curiosity—the least of which is it's the antithesis of fear. Where fear feels like contraction, curiosity feels like expansive grace. In the face of fear and doubt, when we turn our eyes towards curiosity, we find space, breath, relief, love, connection, inspiration, opportunity, and an open heartedness that can literally move mountains.

We so very much look forward to being curious this year and seeing where the road will take us. Will you join us?

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