Swan Animal Medicine & Supportive Crystals

Master Swan Medicine To Dive Deep Inside & Love Yourself Through It All.

With their beautiful long necks, Swans can gracefully reach much deeper depths than the average water foul. Because of this, Swan Medicine encourages going deep, deep into yourself. This is not a time for living on the surface. It's a time for deep exploration into: what makes you tick, what moves you, what motivates you, where your wounds and triggers are. It's a time to allow yourself to simply "be" with yourself and discover truths about your life.

There are many, many things at play here. Many patterns, many expectations, many voices in your head that may or may not be yours. Swan tells you that the things that brought you here—the survival skills you have cultivated to stay afloat—need to be re-examined because they may no longer be serving you.

Swan reminds us that there is magic on the other side. You have a much deeper potential than you know for loving, connecting, forgiving, empathy, compassion, communication, and forgiveness. There is a beautiful opportunity to grow and evolve by accepting this challenge and going deeper.

If I could say one thing, it's your defense mechanisms that are keeping you from truly living. Swan Medicine invites you to find the courage to look in the places you don't like to look and love yourself through it.

If you do this, you will be richly rewarded. Just as the Swan must transform from the stage of ugly duckling to majestic bird, we humans/spirits must too. You're being asked to go deep, look at what you previously have turned away from, and grow. You'll be pleasantly surprised as you lean into Swan.

Gemstones to help you lean in and embody Swan Animal Medicine.

  • Labradorite for Transformation
  • Rhodonite for Self Love
  • Lapis Lazuli for Clarity
  • African Turquoise for Growth


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