Taking Your Intentions to the Next Level

"If you do anything in this life, be sure to heal yourself, listen to yourself, trust yourself and love yourself." - Ashley Wood


2020 has demanded a lot of us. I don't need to go into all the ways we've been asked to change, as you are already well aware. 

However, I do want to put a little focus on something that's been coming up for me time and again along the lines of Intention setting, Manifestation and an evolution that's brewing there. It's caused me to shift my thinking a bit, and amid the stream of things demanded of us during 2020 I think you'll find it to be a bit of a relief. 

While Intention setting is an extremely powerful tool, it's an introduction to understanding the Law of Attraction, energetic flow and how much control you have to create the life of your dreams.  

It is by no means the "top of the mountain."

I think I have spent over a decade working on Intention setting and Manifestation, and what I have come to discover is that when I am in alignment with my true self, manifestation is easy - really easy. 

When I say "in alignment" what I mean is when I really love and appreciate myself, when I am in my integrity, when I leave judgement for others and myself at the door, when I am free of things like guilt and shame, when I can stand in the oneness of who I truly am - my life flows differently. 

And what is reflected back to me as I stand in my love for myself is love, joy, abundance, and wholeness. I am not lacking for any THING.

Our Intention setting, if done correctly, should focus on a feeling - how we want our lives to feel.

For example, take the Intention of a "perfect job." You want a great job because of the way it will make you feel: joy because you are living your passion, appreciated because you are succeeding, peaceful because you have financial abundance, etc. 

Loving yourself unlocks all of that. It's huge. It's bigger than any one Intention, and yet it covers them all. 

While I am still a firm believer in the Power of Intention, I am becoming a true convert that at their core each desired Intention can be answered with unconditional love for the self. Digging deep, deep, deep into loving every bit of yourself will set the energetic foundation, bar and the roadmap for pretty much everything else you desire.

Many, many changes are afoot. Why not invest in loving yourself, even more right now. Why not clear away the barriers? Trust me, your life will transform in ways you cannot even begin to set Intentions for. 

We're rooting for you!

(Rhodonite is a great stone to help with nurturing self love.)

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