Dendrite Opal: Spiritual Awakening

You're never really just one thing. You have tons of sides, thoughts, feelings.

Dendrite Opal is the same—a complex stone, with lots of sides to serve your many facets.

1. Open you up spiritually

First and foremost, Dendrite Opals inspire and energize your connection to your own spirit. They act as a constant reminder that your spirit is with you always—always looking for a moment to be fully realized by you. They also work to open the Third Eye Chakra, which strengthens your intuition and allows for better communication with your higher self and the spirit world.

2. Open your heart

Dendrite Opals encourage you to see things as the heart does—with love, care, compassion, and empathy.

3. Help you look inside yourself and see clearly

Dendrite Opals can help you to reorganize and regroup your thoughts and emotions. If you've been wondering about something or looking to make a big life decision, lean in to Dendrite Opal. It will help you gain perspective.

Dendrite Opals can wonderfully and positively affect your self confidence, boost your overall outlook, and enhance your mental power.

Unique and multifaceted like you, these amazing stones are in service to your life and your higher self.

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