The Mother of All Intentions

I'm always on the hunt for Intentions I can set that will act as an overreaching, lifestyle-focused, long-term source of direction. 

I struggle with my humanness (my ego) as much as anyone. I set daily Intentions (and attentions) during my prayers and meditations, but I find it's hard to focus on the big ones while trying to manifest the smaller ones. 

The other day—after I ran smack into myself (my ego, again), frustrated that something beyond my control was, well, beyond my control—a little voice in my head said, maybe you need to set this Intention:

"To accept whatever happens as if you had chosen it."

After all, in a way, I had. If I am the creator of my Universe, everything that happens is my choosing—whether I like it or understand it or not. 

In setting the (very) overarching Intention that I will accept whatever happens in my life as if I had chosen it, shifts my perspective in more ways than I can begin to count. It's really The Mother of All Intentions. 

It reinforces the belief systems of Intention setting, Manifestation, and the Laws of Attraction. It makes me 100% not the victim—as in life isn't happening to me, but rather it's happening for me. It puts me on notice that I am always choosing—with my energy, attention, thoughts, and emotions—how my life is going to be. 

And here's the biggest doozy, it makes me shift my perspective around things I deem "bad" into things I see as "opportunities" I asked for my own good and growth.

Imagine looking at all of life through that lens. 

To accept whatever happens as if you had chosen it. 

I'm saying "Yes." I'll follow up and let you know how it goes...

Meanwhile, we'll be here—rooting for you!

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