How To Use Daily Intentions to Create Calm

"Stop trying to calm the storm. Calm yourself. The storm will pass."

One of the hardest things about our current situation is the uncertainty. Constant feelings of uncertainty can run your psyche ragged. Those feelings can wreak absolute havoc on your nervous system (hello fight or flight), and it can cause  fear, trauma, anxiety, and depression. 

When we don't feel our minds tend to focus on unhelpful ways of trying to control the uncontrollable—like an end date for the current health crisis.

Setting an intention daily—exercising control over something you actually can control—feels very helpful in terms of your overall well well being. 

When you focus your thoughts and energies on one simple intention and are able to accomplish it daily, you will feel a lot better.

Set your intention first thing in the morning. Do it as soon as you wake up. Write it down, and commit to it.

Make it simple: intend to get more exercise, intend to get more sleep, or intend to spend quality time with your family. Or, set an intention for a daily mindfulness practice like yoga, meditation, or simple deep breathing. 

Set a time limit that is reasonable and accomplishable: exercise for 15 minutes a day, read to your children for 20 minutes, practice yoga for 30 minutes.  

Also, set an actual time to do it. This helps you to plan your day around it, so you know it gets done. 

Make your intention meaningful to you. If your intention is to have less anxiety and more joy in your life, then intend to reduce the amount of time you watch the news or intend to listen to a guided meditation once a day. 

These seem like very small, very subtle actions in the face of total uncertainty, but you will be utterly amazed by what you can accomplish AND how it makes you feel. These micro intentions will help you to understand the power you have over your reality, and they will prime you for bigger intentions. Intention setting is, after all, a practice within a practice. When used regularly and properly, intention setting and manifestation become second nature and an ordinary part of your extraordinary life.

Try now. Little steps. Re-claim your calm. We're rooting for you!

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