The True Source of All Power

“The True Source of All Power and Strength is LOVE.”

We’ve been wrestling with this upcoming Valentine’s Day and honestly feel that as much as we want to honor the traditions of the past, they just don’t seem quite right, right now.

For many of us there is a lot of fear and unrest and unknowing. Our world is unsettling. And while the notion of chocolates and flowers (to honor and celebrate love) is important – what feels necessary is a deeper grounding in the activity of BEING LOVING.

SoulKu has always been about more that gemstone jewelry and gift products. We believe in doing whatever we can to empower each other, connect each other, comfort and commiserate and make the world a friendlier place for everyone.

And lots of times, most of the time, it’s just a small thing that we can do. But small things, done with great love, can inspire the LIGHT that will help to change the world. We truly, deeply believe that.

So instead of chocolates and roses, we wanted to share a geeky math story with you about the absolute power of Love (that very well might make you cry).

Many years ago, right about the time of the Cuban Missile crisis, a man asked for people to write computer programs that would simulate different warring sequences. He held a tournament and pitted the programs against each other for 200 rounds each. Think “War Games.”

The program that won (in essence, the most effective warring sequence that led to the most survivors) was called “Tit for Tat.”

Basically it would start out kindly. It’s first move would be to cooperate. And then it would mirror it’s opponents next move. If it’s opponent cooperated, then cooperation won out and if it was acted upon aggressively, it would fight back. But only once. It would never be aggressive just for aggressive sake, unprompted.

If it’s opponent, at any time, went back to cooperation, it would as well.

Of course there were programs whose every move was aggressive and provocative. And while there were “winners” in these programs, there weren’t as many survivors as there were with aggressive but marginally cooperative programs.

Because the option was there in Tit for Tat to begin with cooperation, if another program, whose first move was not aggressive met Tit for Tat, and simply reacted to Tit for Tat, there would be no war. Cooperation would be met with cooperation.

The organizer also looked at the likely survivors and created simulations for the generations of “winners” and found that because Tit for Tat won and survived most often, it would likely have more descendants and if these descendants met – if there were enough of them – cooperation (LOVE) would win out in the end.

Who knew math could be so romantic?

I find a deep, deep comfort in this story. That’s why I wanted to share it with you.

You see, we already know there are more of us who are on the side of cooperation and love. It’s already in our triumphant DNA.

You can see it in the behavior and actions of so many incredible people today. Yes, we’re here to cooperate and yes, at this time, we are being aggressive and fighting for what we believe in AND when peace prevails, we will prevail as well as the peace loving warriors that we are.

We are infinitely blessed with as much Power and Strength as we need in the form of community, cooperation, DNA and LOVE.

Love wins. Love wins. Love wins.

Know that you are in our hearts – as I hope we are in yours. We are here in service to LOVE in every way possible. Thank you for your continued support and as always we’re rooting for you!


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  • That’s beautiful. Mother’s Day approaches now, rose quartzes i am thinking 🙏

    Clare Williman on

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