Turtle Animal Medicine

Every month we will pull an Animal Medicine card specifically for the audience of SoulKu. Each animal exhibits certain habits, has an essence, or portrays a personality trait that can be relayed into messages about how to live life.

The monthly card will help guide, amplify, and define the energetics of your month. If you are reading this blog, this medicine is for you. Tune into the Animal Medicine to help you move through whatever is presented to you.

The other morning as I rushed around to get all the things done on my never ending list, I simply had to take a moment.

I was spinning out on a road to nowhere—well actually a road to burnout, anger, frustration, indignation, you name it, I was about to cross the finish line.

One of the things on my to-do list was the research and creation of the SoulKu October horoscopes (for our Zodiac Collection). So many of the charts indicated the need to "slow down," "take time to relax," "take a break," and "invest in slowing down and caring for the self."

I love when The Universe aligns. I love when the messages I get from the divine are all the same. It tells me I need to pay attention and do the thing The Universe is INVITING me to do.

Then I pulled the Animal Medicine card for October... 

Turtle Medicine helps you to cultivate the calm, the trust, the knowing, the wisdom.

When I pulled the Turtle after my "slow down ceremony," I laughed and then I cried. Turtle is exactly what we need in October. Turtle is the answer.

Turtle Medicine is here to remind you that when you are focused on doing what you need to do, taking one small step after another and trusting that you will eventually end up exactly where you planned to go, you are in perfect alignment with The Divine in you and Universe at large.

With Turtle we focus on two things: diligence and trust. By imbuing both those actions with patience, we embody Divine Turtle.

Now is not the time to run around and try to force what you want into being. Now is the time for slow, deliberate movement—movement that may seem almost imperceptible to some. That's OK. Slow down time. Yawn. Stretch. SLOW DOWN.

Here's why—it's only during that slow down that you will notice something you hadn't before. Some piece of absolute wisdom will come to you. It will give the Divine a chance to knock at your door and reveal itself to you.

It's time to crawl before taking those first steps. To contemplate what is before you and behind you. Recognizing that your presence—your ability to live in the moment—is what's called for here. No mad dash to the finish line. Slow. Steady. Deliberate. Patient.

Turtle Medicine helps you to cultivate the calm, the trust, the knowing, the wisdom. These energetics then reverberate from you, helping you to manifest the life you want to have.

There is no pushing the river. As there is no pulling on the trunk of a tree to get it to grow. Be still. Be Here Now as Ram Dass liked to say. It is the way.

To help support your (slow) dance with Turtle Medicine we would recommend the following gemstones.

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