Winter Solstice Supportive Crystals & Setting Intentions

This year I have found incredible calm and grounding living more mindfully. Slowing down, taking stock, and deliberately focusing on my thoughts and feelings has brought me all kinds of peace. I pray often about peace—that we may all find peace. And, I know peace is an inside job.

Ritual ALWAYS brings me peace. And the Winter Solstice is the perfect setting for a ritual. There's something magical about the longest night of the year that's just too good not to share. Even if ritual isn't your thing, this ritual (or exercise) is simple, significant, and nourishing for your soul. You can use both SoulKu jewelry jewelry and crystals. So grab a warm cup of cocoa, get comfy, and let's learn about this cosmic event and how we can celebrate it with some crystal magic!

Understanding the Winter Solstice: Nature's Deep Breath

First things first, what is the winter solstice?! It's the astronomical phenomenon that occurs on December 21st when the Earth's axial tilt is farthest from the sun, resulting in the shortest day and longest night of the year. It's like Mother Nature taking a deep breath, a pause in the hustle and bustle of the solar system.

For our ancestors, the winter solstice was a big deal. It marked the turning point, the promise that after the darkest night, the days would gradually grow longer, bringing warmth and light back into their lives. It's a celebration of hope, rebirth, and the eternal dance between darkness and light.

Creating a Cozy Winter Solstice Ritual with Crystals

Now, let's get down to the fun part—creating a winter solstice ritual that connects us to this celestial spectacle. And what better way to amplify the cosmic vibes than with SoulKu jewelry and crystals?

Here's a simple yet powerful ritual you can try:

Step 1: Set the Scene

Create a cozy space in your home. Light some candles, dim the lights, and maybe even play some soothing instrumental music in the background. 

Step 2: Choose Your Crystals

We suggest the following crystals that align well this season. It's up to you which crystals and how many you use. Choose them based on what you'd like to embrace and amplify for the year to come.

Black Tourmaline

This grounding crystal is perfect for connecting with the earth's energy during a transformative time.

Clear Quartz

This harmonizing crystal amplifies intention and serves as a beacon of light during the longest night. This is a good stone for when you need to call light into your life after a dark period.


This nurturing crystal amplifies tranquility and provides a calming energy that soothes any anxieties and fears, much like the assurance of brighter days ahead.


Known as the "Merchant's Stone," this energetic crystal carries encourages abundance and joy. Use it to manifest positive energy and welcome prosperity in the coming year.

Blue Lace Agate

This soothing and nurturing crystal brings a sense of peace and calm. It can also be used to enhance confidence and communication, both with yourself and others, fostering understanding and harmony.

Step 3: Meditation and Reflection

Hold a SoulKu piece of jewelry or crystal in your hand and take a few deep breaths. Feel the unique energies and allow each crystal to guide you through a specific aspect of reflection.

Black Tourmaline: Ground yourself by reflecting on challenges and obstacles you've faced.

Clear Quartz: Amplify your intentions by focusing on the light and positive moments of the past year.

Lepidolite: Embrace tranquility by acknowledging moments of peace and personal growth.

Citrine: Envision abundance and joy, reflecting on moments of prosperity and gratitude.

Blue Lace Agate: Reflect on confidence, communication, and relationships—considering both the challenges and the harmonious connections.

Step 4: Release and Renewal

Speak your Intentions aloud or in your mind, expressing gratitude for the lessons learned and releasing any negativity or burdens.

Step 5: Set New Intentions

Hold the crystal(s) in your hand, visualizing the return of light and joy. Set positive Intentions for growth, love, and prosperity. Place them somewhere sacred where they will receive the first light of the morning, symbolizing the emergence from darkness into a vibrant and abundant new beginning.

Step 6: Embrace Tranquility

Take a moment to simply be, appreciating the present and the potential of the future.

Step 7: Gratitude and Closing

Express gratitude for the experience and the unique energies of each crystal. Keep these crystals in that special place or wear them to serve as a powerful reminder of your Intentions throughout the year.

With these additional crystals, your winter solstice ritual becomes an even more holistic and transformative experience.

May the energies of Black Tourmaline, Clear Quartz, Lepidolite, Citrine, and Blue Lace Agate guide you towards a year filled with grounding, light, abundance, tranquility, and harmonious connections. Here's to a magical winter solstice and the journey ahead!


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    I have a question, please. What is a growth edge?

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