You Are Being Called

You are being called.

We know we are all feeling fearful right now. It is an uncertain time. We're in uncharted waters. The media's relentless 24 hour news cycle is fanning the flames of fear and terror, and while we need to be absolutely concerned, alert, and vigilant, we cannot allow ourselves to collapse into unchecked fear.

Yes, fear can be valuable; it can be a warning, a teacher, a motivator–all good, unless overdone. Fear in large doses is toxic to our bodies, paralyzing to our humanity, and quite honestly, makes us easier to control.

You are being called.

The antidote to fear is LOVE. In the face of a pandemic can you switch your consciousness from fear to love? Can you be lovingly MINDFUL–washing your hands, staying home if you are sick, avoiding crowds and unnecessary travel?

Can you be COMPASSIONATELY PROTECTIVE towards those most at risk?

Can you take the same precautions, have the very same vigilance, but do it from a place of LOVE instead of fear?

You are being called. We are all being called.

Let's infect each other with love. Let's care for those who need our care. Let's protect those who need our protection. Let's come together in harmony as we mindfully watch out for our neighbors, our community, our country, our world.

Let's do this with love people. Love is the antidote to fear. Love is the vaccine for terror. Let love be your guide. Let love show you the way. Be relentless. Nothing less will do. Answer the call. This is our moment. We have work to do.

As always, we are rooting for you, we are rooting for us all.

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  • What a beautiful shift you make, Elisa, to infect others with love instead of something noxious. I really like the shift that could happen if we all showed up with compassion and kindness instead of fear, anxiety, and worry. I like that advise to take precautions AND switch from fear to love. Thanks for this post. Wishing you (and EVERYONE) health, security, and true prosperity in our time of need.

    Misty Funk on

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