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A Guide to Visualization in the Time of Corona

"Don't give all your energy to where you are right now; give most of your energy to where you are going." - Bishop TJ Jakes


It's no secret manifesting feels a lot harder in times of trouble. It's really easy to get distracted and sucked into the negativity around you.

I want to encourage you not to get stuck in this place. Absolutely feel the feelings you need to feel here, but don't allow those feelings to take up residence. This is temporary. As pretty much everything is.

So how do you begin to shift the energies of negativity, lack, and limitation when you're deep in it? 

First, don't ignore your feelings. Emotionally bypassing what's happening right now won't serve you. Fortunately we humans literally have a limited attention span, so an outpouring of emotion–such as anger, sadness, pain, fear, or grief–is good, and will not last forever.

If you think of these emotions as energies or vibrations, experiencing them literally helps you move them out of your body. Many specialists believe that anxiety is actually the result of not allowing yourself to feel negative emotions, and the anxious feeling is that energy literally, slowly leaking out. 

If you can't fall apart, because you are caring for children or others are looking to you to hold it together, plan a time when you are alone–maybe in the shower or on a walk–and just allow the emotion to happen. Holding it all in is exhausting and many say can lead to a whole host of other issues. So go ahead, cry it out. Ain't no shame in that.

Second, Once you've shifted that energy (and you may want to do it daily, that's fine too!) begin to imagine what you'd like to be feeling. For me right now, I'm focusing my visualizations on specific things I know will happen once this is over: the first team meeting back at SoulKu headquarters, seeing my daughter graduate from 8th grade, a beach trip, my June birthday party. 

Just as it's important to allow yourself to feel the negative feelings, it's imperative to feel the positive ones to manifest the future you want to have. So dig deep into your visualization. Be as specific as possible, and FEEL what it will feel like as you imagine the scene. 

Let's choose the first team meeting back at SoulKu headquarters as an example. In my mind I can see our conference room, the table has treats from our favorite bakery, there are two french presses with coffee, and lots of excited chattering. I specifically visualize each person there–what I will say to them. Will we hug each other? Will we shed tears of joy? Will we high five or will we laugh? Will we all drink a toast of champagne? 

As I'm seeing every inch of the space and the people, I'm feeling it all. I'm crying tears of joy–literally. I'm smiling ear to ear. I'm experiencing what it will be like, and as I do that, the Universe is going to match that energy for me and deliver it back to me.

I know, without a doubt, if I do this I am creating my future reality. If straight up visualization/imagining doesn't work for you, draw a picture, write a script of the scene, pick out the outfit you will be wearing. Do anything and everything you can to match what you're seeing in your head to the emotion you are feeling.

The Universe doesn't know the difference between real happenings and your imagined happenings (if emotion is present), and it will just match your vibration. You can see this at work in someone who is always negative, and seemingly bad things continue to happen to them again and again. They're manifesting that energy. So do the opposite. 

Do this at least once a day. The BEST time for visualization is after some sort of self care–whether that be a bath or an online exercise class or a great meal or a hike. When you are feeling that good, calm, peaceful feeling, start your visualizations.

Lastly, look for things to be grateful for. Gratitude is the Mother of all manifestation. If you are operating from a place of gratitude, the vibration you are putting out into the Universe is one of abundance and joy. The Universe will match that vibration. 

When I'm experiencing times like these I am very mindful of my thoughts. If I have a negative thought (and believe me I do), I try to cancel it out with at least one positive thought or one gratitude. Positive thoughts vibrate so much higher than negative ones that one positive thought is worth 100 negative ones. 

Know the power you have over your thoughts, your feelings, and your life. Yes, this is a particularly weird and uncomfortable time–the best time to work your visualization muscle. Move the negative emotion (by feeling it), and replace it with what you want to feel. Work on being grateful for everything you already have and know that grateful thoughts are worth their weight in gold. You will make it through this. 

We're rooting for you!

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  • Cheers to the victories attained, the good news received, and the instructions that come with the new level you’ve unlocked… all positive energies and abundance to everyone. 💟

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