Crystals for Focus & Concentration

Do you ever feel like your mind needs a boost to get officially back "online" and ready to accomplish all the tasks at hand? This is called a "flow state." A flow state is an intensity of focus on the task at hand. It's a time where our attention is completely impermeable by any outside stimuli and your focus and concentration are in complete flow. You’re living in the moment SO much that it feels like nothing else exists.

Crystals can be a huge help in getting you into that wonderful "flow state" by shifting your energetics. Just like healing and transformation are energies that crystals can boost so are things like focus, stamina, concentration, and confidence.

If you need some help to get motivated and in the flow state, we've gathered some crystal allies you can use. They can be worn or held, placed in a backpack or purse, or situated on a desk or other workspace.

5 crystals for focus, concentration, and getting you in a flow state.


Smoky Quartz are hailed as excellent grounding and releasing stones. This can work to your advantage as you let go of stray energies, ground yourself more firmly in the earth (and routines that come with going back to work or back to school). It is super charged to help you think more clearly and focus on the work at hand. It's also excellent when it comes to calming chatter and disarming the stress and anxiety that comes from a new schedule.


Tiger Eye is a stone of Empowerment. It has an uplifting vibe that will assist you with nurturing mental clarity, focus, and a confident mindset, which can make all the difference. This stone can help you set aside distractions or move through blocks that seem to be keeping you from finishing a task. It can also help when you need a break to recharge your battery.


Banded Fluorite is a stone of positivity AND mental clarity. The colorful stone boosts intellectual and mental concentration. It brings with it an energy of joy that helps clear away worries and anxieties that can stand in the way of moving something forward or making decisions. It's also a grounding stone that will help your mind stay focused on the task at hand.


Many believe Clear Quartz to be the most powerful of all crystals when it comes to focus. Quartz helps to keep the mind balanced and keeping distractions at bay. You can also use them to help you during the process of learning and with retention. In fact, Clear Quartz has been used for centuries to focus light and energy in everything from lasers to watches, and it can work the same for personal use.


One of the many benefits Lapis Lazuli is it helps with mental clarity, focus, and an uplifting boost of energy that makes you feel like you can accomplish anything! It helps to clear doubt and fear and replaces negativity with strength and courage. You'll find yourself in the flow, ready to take on challenges, and think outside the box with Lapis Lazuli by your side.


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